Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Silly Tale of Sally Squirrel...

It is hard to believe October is with us once again. 
Prunella would love her fellow Bloggers to take some time out for Coffee and Croissants and a Prunella Pepperpot Tale.
Inspired by a cute little Grey Squirrel that I had the privilege to watch and photograph in Wales.
The drawing of the Camper Van was kindly drawn for me by my youngest son.
I hope you enjoy...

The Silly Tale of Sally Squirrel...

Sally squirrel was disillusioned with her short hectic life in the Wirral.
She was tired of dodging the fast cars whilst crossing the road and her nerves were jangled every time a cat or dog thought she was fair game to chase up a tree.
How she longed for a quieter life and some fresh country air.
Whilst consoling herself by comfort eating on some stale seeds discarded from the bird feeder by the fussy sparrows, she couldn't help but notice a commotion coming from the dustbins...


A grubby old woman was stooped over one of the bins rummaging through the rubbish. She was dressed in a dusty black robe with a crooked pointy hat on her head and a surprisingly new looking leather satchel on her hunched back. In her left hand she held a broomstick.
"Perhaps she has lost something," pondered Sally, as the bent woman did not look at all pleased.
In an instance, the grumpy old woman had tossed the dustbin aside and with a sprightly jump, was sat astride her broomstick.
To Sally's amazement the broomstick seemed to float in mid air with the scrawny old woman sat on top, her pointy yellowy toes with crumbling toenails poking through her tatty brown boots.
"That looks like fun," shrieked Sally and without a moments hesitation, or a thought for her own safety, she ran quickly towards the hovering broomstick. 
With a graceful acrobatic leap she landed just behind Wendy the Wicked Witch of Wessex.
(Prunella's readers will know of Wendy's wicked deeds. This story could not end at all well. Sally should have remembered her Mother telling her tales of her Great Aunt Sally who had been turned to wood!!)

Up into the fresh morning air the broomstick climbed, higher and higher...

Sally was getting a little chilly and a little frightened. She had never been this high before. Gently she made her way along the broomstick and  jumped softly onto the satchel before climbing inside. Wendy didn't bat an eyelid. Cackling to herself she flew faster and faster, back to her home in Wessex, leaving a white cloud trail in her wake. 
Sally's eyes were becoming accustomed to the dim light in the satchel and much to her delight she spotted a stash of succulent fresh acorns. She was feeling rather peckish after all...

Wendy was aware of the scratching coming from her satchel. Her long skinny arm extended round to her back and her dirty hand with long gnarled bony fingers reached ever deeper into the satchel, searching out it's prey. It curled around Sally's tail and with a mighty tug Sally was hoisted out, high into the air to be faced with the ugliest and scariest old witch that poor Sally had every set her bright eyes on.
Sally was so frightened that she was trembling terribly whilst still holding tightly onto the acorn that she had been nibbling...

"Caught in the act of stealing my lunch you good for nothing tree rat," cackled Wendy. 
She snarled wildly and with an evil menacing look Sally was instantly turned to stone and tossed aside to fall as a stone from way up high!
Her nimble limbs now felt like lead and there was nothing she could do but accept the gravitational force of the earth below. She couldn't even close her eyes.
Down through the fluffy white clouds she tumbled the ground looming ever closer...

As if by magic Prunella's Rosa Californica, its branches laden with sweet smelling blooms, arching upwards towards the heavens, reached out and caught Sally as she fell. It gently brought her down to rest in Prunella's Patch...

Sally was finally back on terra firma, safe and sound amongst the geraniums and campanula. Sadly she was still stone but at least she hadn't smashed.
Griff (an oh so fluffy sheltie) was out for his morning constitutional when he spotted the concrete statue in the flower border...

He rushed back inside to fetch his sweet friend Prunella Pepperpot.
The two friends were saddened by the sight of poor Sally and tried to comfort her by telling her not to fret, that everything would be all alright and she would soon be back climbing trees before she could wink.
"Well I can't wink," tutted Sally angrily to herself.
Prunella patted Sally on her hard head and said, "Don't worry little squirrel. I've spoken to Ed the Red about your predicament and he has agreed to fly off and fetch Willamina the Wise from Ballymena who will undo Wendy's wicked spell. This sort of thing happens quite a lot around here so you're not alone."

To distract Sally whilst waiting for Willamina to arrive her new friends Prunella and Griff, told her stories of their trips in Phyllis the split screen camper van.
Prunella and Griff were cared for by a sweet retired couple, Mr and Mrs Perkins who had purchased Phyllis from a Volkswagen Show many moons ago in a sorrowful state.  They had  refurbished the interior comfortably. The exterior was adorned with brightly coloured vinyl flowers on it's freshly painted purple bodywork...

Griff described the campsite they visited in Wales with such great detail that Sally could almost imagine herself there...

Just then there was a small gust of wind and Willamina the Wise glided into Prunella's Patch.  At first Sally was very perturbed by the thought of another witch, but somehow this witch seemed different. 
She was exceptionally beautiful, not a blemish on her pale skin. Her long raven black hair was braided with flowers. She was clothed in a long flowing purple silk dress, embroidered with delicate wild flowers. She smelt of jasmine. Her voice was soft and melodic. The little
birds in the garden fell silent to gaze on her beauty...

Willamina muttered a few quiet words, then gently kissed Sally on the top of her head. Miraculously a huge weight was lifted from Sally's small shoulders. She felt as light as a feather and her heart was filled with the utmost joy.
She ran around Willamina's ankles thanking her profusely. Willamina stroked Sally's now soft head before saying her farewells and off she flew once again into the wild blue yonder...

 Whilst still listening intently to Griff and Prunella's tales of Wales, Sally jumped up into the apple tree. She needed to relax and unwind after all of the day's excitement.
"We're off on our travels tomorrow. Why not come with us?" barked Griff.
"Ooh," chattered Sally, "What have I to lose. You are both very kind but there is nothing for me here and I was weary of my life in the Wirral."
So it was decided, Griff would let Sally Squirrel know when they were almost ready to depart.
Mrs Perkins smiled and laughed quietly at the odd sight of the three of them in the garden. It was nice to see Griff befriending the garden wildlife rather than chasing it. 
Griff had an uncontrollable passion for chasing pigeons...

Sally hardly slept a wink that night...

She was up bright and early feasting on fresh bird food in the Perkins back garden.
 As promised Griff popped outside to let Sally know the couple were having their breakfast. Warm croissants with lashings of butter and freshly brewed coffee.
"I must hurry back inside as I don't want to miss my treat. My Mum always saves the crunchy ends of her croissant spread with a little butter for me." Griff was drooling with anticipation, "Good luck Sally. I'll see you later." 
Tail wagging Griff speedily returned indoors...

Sally travelled light. She had no possessions. Not that she had owned very much back in the Wirral, the odd nut here and there.
She ran to the front of the house where Phyllis was parked.
Sally knew exactly where she was going to hide. Attached securely to the back of the van on the cycle rack was a bright pink bicycle with a woven wicker shopping basket strapped to the handle bars.
Sally was small and if she hunkered down low in the basket she was sure she would not be seen. This was going to be such an adventure.
It wasn't long before Sally heard the jingle from Griff's collar.
The van doors opened and closed and Phyllis' engine growled and spluttered into action. With a hefty jolt they were all off on their travels. Sally nodded to Prunella and Griff gazing down from the rear window of the camper van.
As they set off on their journey Sally had a final peek at the tree lined avenue, before snuggling down in the basket wrapped in her long soft tail for warmth and comfort. She soon fell asleep dreaming of her new life in Wales...

Time passed very quickly for Sally being that she had slept soundly for the whole journey. It only seemed like five minutes ago that she'd been whisked from her old home in the Wirral to embark on a perilous adventure.
She was awoken by the sound of Griff barking excitedly, "We're here Sally, it's time you were up and about."
Sally sprung out of the bicycle's shopping basket onto the soft grass below.
"Oh look Geoff, Griff has found himself another squirrel friend. It looks just like the one I saw yesterday in our garden at home!" exclaimed Mrs Perkins...

"If only she knew," muttered Prunella to Griff. 
 Looking around, Sally spotted an old oak tree in which to set up her new home...

It had fantastic views of the rolling green Welsh hills on the left, lush green pasture land next to a lake on the right and the picturesque campsite down below. 
"Ideal!" squealed Sally.
Sally had only been in the campsite for a short while when bang, crash wallop.
Oh dear, Sidney the squirrel had clumsily knocked Sally to the ground.
"She's bumped her head!" exclaimed Prunella. 
Poor Sally was at first stunned but then she sat with a bemused expression on her face. As if hypnotised she couldn't stop looking into the eyes of the ever so handsome Sidney the squirrel.
"At last," chuckled Prunella, "a happy ending to the Silly Tale of Sally the Squirrel."
The two squirrels scampered off into the sunset together with their long fluffy tails neatly entwined.
Prunella looked at Griff, 
"Let's see if we can find you a big fat pigeon to chase Griff," and off she skipped, humming merrily to herself. 
Followed closely in pursuit by Griff, tail wagging and nose to the ground sniffing excitedly. 

Have a fantastic October!
Until the next time, keep smiling,
 stay safe, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A Bountiful Autumn...

On a short visit to Wales Prunella was delighted to watch the local wildlife enjoying a delicious meal of freshly foraged food...

Robin Redbreast hopping through the prickly tangled bramble bush was particularly good at reaching the ripest blackberries twisting his head through almost 180 degrees...

A happy grazing bunny hopping over to say "Hi!" to Prunella...

A brief glimpse of a small wren searching for small insects and spiders...

The sprightly Sally Squirrel swinging from the branches of the old oak tree collecting fresh acorns to eat and store ensuring a plentiful supply of food to last her through those cold Winter months...

A colourful Chaffinch snacking on small insects and seeds...

Last but not least, the comical Pied Wagtail constantly on the move, woohoo... 

 It will soon be October, a time for pumpkins and spooky Halloween happenings!

Until then, keep smiling, stay safe, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

Thank you kindly for your visit.
We dearly appreciate your comments and hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.   
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