Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Prunella and the Fungi...


During the month of November
Prunella has been out and about spotting colourful fungi, soft green mosses and ferns...

She even found the perfect Prunella sized waterfall!!

 and a teeny-tiny cave for shelter...

Winter is almost upon us...

and with it comes Christmas and the gorgeous Robin Redbreast that adorns the festive cards...


Until the next time, keep smiling,
 stay safe, warm, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

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Friday, 10 November 2017

A Walk in the Park for Peter and Phoebe...

November is upon us and with it comes the long dark nights and frosty mornings.
Warm cosy evenings in front of the log burner.
Most of the leaves have now fallen from Prunella's trees. It is that time of year to plant out a winter pot with some colourful plants to brighten the dreariest of days.

Prunella's dear friend Phoebe Whippet feels that she is forgotten about in Prunella Pepperpot's Tales. 
She is almost twelve, a very sweet and dear old dog.
This is one of Phoebe as a puppy...

 In her younger days she was a stunner...

 She even appeared in the pages of a dog training book, but now her coat looks rather moth eaten due to the fact that she suffers from Addison's disease.
Like all old dogs she still has her mad moments!

 A small tale for Phoebe my blue whippet, I hope you enjoy! 


A Walk in the Park for Peter and Phoebe.

Next door to Prunella Pepperpot lives Miss Pope the local Primary School Headmistress. A very prim and proper lady and a true pillar of the community. Tall and upright with a large chest and small hips. Miss Pope could easily audition for a voice over for a Father Christmas animation due to her deep booming voice and hearty laugh. 
Parked to one side of Miss Pope's driveway is a renovated silver Airstream caravan. 
There lives the portly Peter Pickles. A lumbering gentle giant with a shock of blond flyaway hair. Due to ill health Peter had recently taken early retirement from his post as a Porter at the local Cottage Hospital in Potteringford. 
He had smoked like a chimney from a very young age and colleagues had often remarked his fright of yellow hair was due to it being stained by the cigarette smoke from his filthy habit. 
Miss Pope, a fond friend, rented out her caravan to him on the one condition, he gave up smoking immediately and true to his word he had not had a cigarette since but he was often seen puffing on his Sherlock Holmes pipe. There was of course no tobacco in it. Knowing Peter's obsession with his pipe, Miss Pope had gifted Peter a tweed Deerstalker hat one Christmas. Peter absolutely adored it and it was almost always on his head. 
The fact was Peter was at times a little eccentric!
Peter shares his modest home with his beloved pet Phoebe Whippet.
To Peter, Phoebe was his precious pampered pooch. With all of the very many jewelled collars Peter had purchased for Phoebe she could be mistaken for a little Princess...

Peter and Phoebe both have a passion for tinned sardines in tomato sauce. It was not unknown for Peter to pack a small flask of tea and a sandwich box filled with a baguette and a tin of sardines to enjoy with Phoebe during their walks together in the local Park.

Today was one of those days. Phoebe ran ahead of Peter through the Park, across the old rickety wooden bridge spanning the local stream, into a larger field. There she could really let off steam. She charged up and down the whole length of the football pitch marked out in white on the green grass beneath her dainty paws just missing one of the goal posts. She enjoyed nothing better than racing around in tight circles, clockwise then anti clockwise. As she ran little clods of grass were thrown up into the air. Finally exhausted she collapsed in a tidy heap at Peter's feet panting.

Fortunately their favourite bench was unoccupied... 

"Time for tea and sardines Phoebe," said Peter affectionately as he pulled the treats from his purple parka pockets patting her on her head.

Peter removed a steel bowl from his pocket and filled it with half of the contents from his flask, warm milky tea. He watched as Phoebe, her large tongue flashing pink, quickly lapped up every last drop. Peter tore open the baguette and filled it with the contents of tinned sardines dripping with tomato sauce. As the pair tucked in heartily little did they know that they were about to be under siege by wild ferocious airborne predators.

Some seagulls were spiralling overhead calling to one another there was food down below.

Just as Peter was about to take another bite from his sardine filled baguette there was a sudden rush of air above his head. A hungry seagull knocked Peter’s deerstalker hat to the ground. Phoebe was very protective over her master and her food treats. Peter always shared his food with her and only her. Fearless Phoebe, hackles raised, sprung into the air snarling ferociously. She was ready to take on this band of thugs. 

The gulls locked their beady eyes onto their target. Down from the sky they swooshed like feathered darts seeking out their prey. Unrelenting was their attack that poor Phoebe didn't know which way to run.

Peter always the hero launched his baguette high into the air, grabbed his deerstalker hat and whisked his precious Phoebe into his strong protective arms. He ran a little too clumsily for Phoebe’s comfort. Safely home the distant sound of seagulls still screeching in their ears. 

Enjoy your November. 
Until the next time, keep smiling,
 stay safe, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Happy Halloween

 It is that spooky time of year again dear readers to share a blood curdling tale and wish you all a safe Haunting Halloween.

The Revamped Tale of Prunella and the Mini Pumpkin Adventure...

Cecil Celery the local greengrocer was arranging a colourful Halloween display in his shop window when he found a small perfectly formed pumpkin in amongst his larger pumpkins. He knew it would be an ideal size for Prunella to carve at Halloween. Cecil put it to one side for safety. He didn’t want any of his customers buying it for soup making. He’d get his youngest son Cyril to take it round to Prunella's home later on that day.

Being petite, Prunella was overjoyed when she received the particularly tiny pumpkin...

   She was so excited that after wrapping up warmly she rushed round to her friend Francine’s to invite her on a mini pumpkin adventure...

Francine was a little envious when she saw that Prunella was wearing a hand knitted scarf in bright rainbow coloured wool. Francine said she would fetch her small Instamatic camera to record their antics. 
Before the two girls could pile out of the back door Mrs Frangipane had hugged both of them and sent them on their way with a rosy red apple each, picked freshly from a tree in Miss Pope’s orchard that very morning...

It had been a disappointingly wet autumn and the leaves were beginning to fall from the trees. The girls loved kicking and crunching through the fallen red and golden leaves, jumping in and out of the muddy puddles in their brightly coloured wellies.
The deliciously juicy apples were gone in a flash and the cores disposed of in the rubbish bin. It was now time for a pumpkin photo shoot. Prunella proceeded to perch her tiny pumpkin on a wooden post. The pumpkin and Prunella were now placed in the perfect position for photographer Francine to capture a truly memorable image...

 Suddenly, as fast as lightning a pumpkin coloured blob, sensing Prunella's presence, scurried up the wooden post, somehow bypassing the pumpkin, and propelling itself onto Prunella's hand knitted rainbow coloured scarf, eeeek...

Unfortunately for Prunella it was a huge bulbous spider and so fast was its progress that it was just a blur. Francine froze with her small Instamatic camera and poor Prunella was panic stricken. Both girls were terrified of spiders...

It was at this point that portly Peter Pickles was out for his daily potter to the Post Office to post a parcel. Splashing through the puddles and puffing on his pipe he was almost past the two girls when Prunella let out a little shriek and pointed to the spider that looked like a mini copy of her Halloween pumpkin perched on her scarf.
He proceeded to pick the spider off the scarf, prodded it and placed it in his purple parka pocket. He tipped the peak of his baseball cap upwards and wished the two girls a good day. Off he plodded pleased as punch with his new prize possession.
Phew, panic over. The two girls looked at one another relieved and then burst out laughing. They laughed all the way home and could hardly contain themselves describing to Mrs Frangipane how Peter had valiantly rescued Prunella from the gruesome jaws of the terrifyingly humongous spider.

Happy Halloween!

Have a Haunting Halloween!
Until the next time, keep smiling,
 stay safe, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

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