Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Missingtoe Mistletoe Mouse...

Happy New Year dear Readers. 

 Another year over and a new one just begun.
May all your wishes and dreams come true.
Prunella would like to start the year with a small tale.


Missingtoe Mistletoe Mouse

At the end of Petunia Lane, Miss Pope owned a large orchard filled with a selection of many old fruit trees.
During the School holidays Miss Pope the primary school headmistress, could often be spotted in her orchard sat next to her white wrought iron bistro table with a large straw floppy hat on her head and her sketchpad on her lap. Placed on a wooden painted tea tray was a delicate china teapot filled with Twinings English Breakfast Tea, a pretty teacup and saucer and milk jug. A patterned china tea plate topped with cookies or cake were a necessary accompaniment. Beside her feet would be Griff her small tri-coloured Shetland Sheepdog and her cheerful Robin hopping around ever hopeful of the odd crumb or two.
There she would spend many a happy hour sketching and painting the beautiful blossoms and garden wildlife. She didn't consider herself to be an accomplished artist. It was her hobby and she found it to be very relaxing.
In the winter months Miss Pope would bring her table and chair into her warmer conservatory tacked onto the side of her red brick terraced cottage overlooking her orchard.
A small family of field mice had set up home near her oldest apple tree it's branches home to mature mistletoe which had grown into many thick, rounded masses of branches and stems that looked like baskets. Miss Pope liked to refer to them as her witches' brooms. It's white winter berries a valuable source of food for her Mistle Thrush and winter visiting Blackcaps.
It will come as no surprise to learn that Miss Pope had named her mice the Mistletoe Mice and they were amongst her favourite subjects to paint.

In front of Petunia Lane stretched out the many allotments tended to by the villagers of Pottersdown. In a small garden across the road from the allotments lived a beautiful young brown mouse called Holly.
One cold dark December evening Holly's tummy was making a rather disagreeable rumbling noise. The lady whose garden Holly resided in was away on holiday. 
"No doubt basking on a beach on some foreign shores." grumbled Holly. 
There was no food left in the bird feeders and nothing to be found amongst the long grass which was in desperate need of a cut. Holly would have to resort to venturing further afield in hope of finding some much needed sustenance. The harsh winter months took their toll on the local wildlife.
Her little nose and whiskers twitched excitedly as they picked up a faint aroma of something that smelled delicious, peanut butter! 
Holly was ready to dine in true style when another mouse sprung out from the shadows to claim the peanut butter feast as their own. Holly was rolled over onto her back. There was a loud deafening snap followed by a searing pain in her hind right paw. She looked round and saw her attacker prostrate and dead with a wire trapping his body to a small wooden rectangular board. Her foot throbbed but her senses were alerted and she could hear other mice squeaking and scurrying forth. 
Off she scarpered as fast as her little legs could carry her between the dustbins, down a tarmac driveway, across a busy road with car headlights blinding her, through the allotments patrolled by Tom Tomcat and finally exhausted she collapsed in a heap outside the home of Prunella Pepperpot.
Prunella was just returning home after having spent an enjoyable afternoon playing with her best friend Francine Frangipane. 
Tom Tomcat, a feral cat, often deposited dead mice on the doorstep of Prunella's as a sign of affection. Prunella spotted the poor little creature spreadeagled on her garden path and sadly thought it was one of Tom's gruesome gifts. As she bent down to dispose of it she noticed the mouse wriggle.
" Oh poor dear little mouse, you're bleeding!" exclaimed Prunella as she scooped it up in her dainty little hands and rushed indoors to summon help from her foster Mother Betty Flower.
Between the two of them they managed to bathe Holly's damaged foot with salt water and snuggled her down in a clean Tupperware box lined with a fresh soft green flannel cloth and some sunflower seeds just in case she became a little peckish.
"Let's leave her in peace now," Betty suggested, "If she survives the night and is well tomorrow you can take her round to Miss Popes Orchard to release her. Tom wouldn't dare venture into the Orchard or Griff would have his guts for garters! She's lucky to have only lost one little toe."
"I think I shall name her Missingtoe. What do you say Mummy?" said Prunella thoughtfully.
Betty smiled, "A brilliant idea Prunella dear. Now let's leave her alone or she will die from fright!"
The pair placed the Tupperware box in one of Billy Flower's old cardboard boot boxes with a  few holes punched in the lid for air along with an eggcup filled with fresh water. Prunella then slid the box onto a shelf in the pantry where she was sure it would be safe and not be disturbed.
The following morning bright and early a hurriedly dressed Prunella made her way down the stairs with a little trepidation to peek inside the mouse's makeshift home. Prunella needn't have worried though. There sat before her was a bright eyed brown mouse with a half eaten sunflower seed between it's paws...

"Awwww...," said Betty and Billy Flower in unison as the gazed over Prunella's shoulders.
" You be sure and release her today Prunella." stated Billy as he kissed his wife on the cheek before heading off to work.
Betty ushered Billy out of the door telling him not to worry. She then made Prunella return the lid of the box and sit down at the scrubbed wooden table for some warm milky porridge and a cup of tea before finally sending her off to the downstairs bathroom to brush her teeth.
Shoes on Prunella finally made her way next door to Miss Pope's carrying the large cardboard boot box in both arms.
Miss Pope was sat at the small table in the warm conservatory sipping tea after just finishing her breakfast of a poached egg on toast. She spotted Prunella struggling with the big box and the wooden gate leading into the orchard. She waved and hurried outside followed closely by an inquisitive Griff to greet Prunella and enquire if she needed some assistance. 
Prunella politely asked Miss Pope's permission to release the little mouse into her orchard.
"Gladly my dear and I know the perfect place in which to let her run free."
They merrily chattered away to one another until they reached the bottom of the orchard. There in front of them was the large apple tree, it's branches laden with mistletoe covered in white berries and bird feeders galore filled with suet balls and a variety of different seeds.
"I think your little mouse will be very happy with all of my Mistletoe Mice Prunella." As Miss Pope spoke a  few mice scurried by and Griff made a soft "Gruff" noise.
"Have you given your mouse a name dear?"
"Yes Miss, I called her Missingtoe Mouse, being that she has lost one of her back toes," answered Prunella proudly. 
Miss Pope thought for a moment before saying, "Missingtoe Mistletoe Mouse, mmm, rather a mouthful dear, don't you think, but very imaginative I must say." 
Prunella laughed, "Yes Miss, perhaps. Since it's after the festive season I could call her Holly!" The little mouse squeaked with delight.
"Perfect," agreed Miss Pope.
"Welcome to your new home Holly Mistletoe Mouse. We hope you'll be very happy and I'll come to visit you often," said Prunella softly as she released the pretty brown mouse into the undergrowth.

"Come now Prunella, into the warmth and I'll show you my paintings of my Mistletoe Mice and birds."
"Would you please paint one of Holly? Pretty please?" Prunella looked up at Miss Pope with such pleading eyes.
"Of course my dear. It would be my pleasure," smiled Miss Pope.
Prunella ran ahead happily followed by a tail wagging Griff and a joyful Miss Pope. 


Until the next time, keep smiling,
 stay safe, warm, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

Thank you kindly for your visit.
We dearly appreciate your comments and hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.   
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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Prunella Pepperpot's Magical Christmas Gift...

December has arrived and the year is almost at an end. 
This will be Prunella's last post until the New Year. 

Time to spend some quality time with family and friends.
Christmas comes but once a year. 
Please join Prunella in her Christmas Tale for 2017.

Prunella Pepperpot's Magical Christmas Gift... 

Prunella Pepperpot had pruned her tiny Christmas Tree with such precision the previous month.
It was now perfect and ready to be decorated in all of its festive glory...

I can now divulge one of Prunella's special gifts from Christmas past.
 Willamina the Wise Witch from Ballymena had gifted Prunella a Christmas Wish to be saved until the following Christmas Eve, which was tonight dear Readers! 
The tree decorated, Prunella could now turn her attention to a little baking. 
Cheese scones. Hopefully a great snack for Santa Mouse. We all know mice adore cheese.
The cooker alarm rang signalling it was time to remove the scones from the hot oven.
As they were cooling slightly Prunella searched out her pretty gingham picnic basket. Into it she packed two now warm cheese scones, a flask of sweet hot chocolate, tiny marshmallows and whipping cream along with two mugs for her and Santa Mouse.

For Santa's bat volunteers she washed and polished with a clean cloth, ten green and ten red juicy fresh grapes. They looked delicious and they sparkled like little jewels...

 As midnight fast approached Prunella donned her warmest woollies and thick sheepskin boots...

Ten minutes to twelve.
 Prunella stood in front of her wood burning stove, the dying embers giving off a warm glow.
Wish in hand she read aloud it's written words,
"With a mighty wheeze and a sneeze, 
let me shrink to the size of a pea 
and jump as high as a flea!"
She then proceeded to empty the contents from the wish envelope over her head.
"Atishoo!!" sneezed Prunella...

A zillion little sparks filled the room and with a mighty swoosh up the chimney Prunella flew, so quickly that she didn't even have time to draw another breath.
Out she popped into the cold evening air and back to her normal self once again. Prunella gasped in the icy cold air.
Once she had recovered from her exhilarating experience she surveyed the skies above.
Prunella could see for miles around. Such a wondrous sight. Earlier that evening it had snowed but now the skies were clear and all the stars were twinkling brightly. 
In the distance Prunella spotted the Church Spire and approaching quickly was her dear friend Santa Mouse with his posse of fruit bats flapping their tiny wings frantically. 
Up and down the little sleigh bobbed until finally it loomed larger and larger and with a swish it landed safely on the roof of Prunella's home...

Prunella rushed to hug Santa Mouse and pat each of the bats on their soft fluffy heads. Bertram Bat was amongst the crew and for him Prunella planted a small kiss on his cheek. 
Filled with excitement they all huddled down together beside the chimney stack to share the delights from the picnic basket...

 Santa Mouse tucked in heartily to the cheese scone and licked his lips at the sight of the hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows, such a welcomed treat. 
The bats shared out the shiny grapes amongst themselves thanking Prunella with each little nibble.
Prunella loved these precious times with Santa Mouse listening to his tales of different lands.
Too soon it was time for Santa mouse to be on his way but not before escorting a tired Prunella back to her home and tucking her up in her warm cosy bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow she was fast asleep and dreaming sweet dreams...

Before departing Santa Mouse filled Prunella's little stocking tied to her bed with sparkly wrapped gifts.
As Santa Mouse turned to go he heard a small whimper from the other side of the fireplace. 
It was Griff. 
Santa Mouse scurried over to where Griff lay. From his bag he plucked out a small bone shaped parcel and placed it next to Griff's paws...

 "As if I would forget you dear fellow. 
Now remember, not to be opened until the morning when Prunella wakes from her slumber," said Santa Mouse in his high pitched voice.
Griff wagged his tail and snuggled back down to rest. 
With a squeaky, 
"Tee hee hee..." 
                    the chimney
           Santa Mouse
               and off
      he flew
 full of 



May the spirit of Christmas fill your home with peace, love and joy. 



Prunella and friends wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you to you all for your wonderful comments over the past year which we dearly appreciate.
We look forward to sharing more of our adventures in 2018.
Until then keep smiling, 
stay safe, warm, healthy and happy.
Hugs to all.


May the spirit of the Christmas fill your home with peace, joy and love. I wish you all merry Christmas and Happy new year

Read more at: http://easyday.snydle.com/christmas-wishes.html | Easyday
May the spirit of the Christmas fill your home with peace, joy and love. I wish you all merry Christmas and Happy new year

Read more at: http://easyday.snydle.com/christmas-wishes.html | Easyday
May the spirit of the Christmas fill your home with peace, joy and love. I wish you all merry Christmas and Happy new year

Read more at: http://easyday.snydle.com/christmas-wishes.html | Easyday

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Peter Makes a Splash...

On a rather bleak day in November Prunella decided a trip to a not too distant sculpture park was in order.
She was not disappointed as they had many delightful works of art on display.
These are just a few...

 ... and now for a small Prunella Pepperpot Tale with one or two sculptures added for good measure.
Sadly you'll have to make do with real cows!! 

Peter Makes a Splash

Peter Pickles loves fresh Ciabatta bread toasted, rubbed with garlic and topped with fried field mushrooms, fresh rosemary and finally drizzled with a little olive oil.
It was a weekend treat made even more delicious if the mushrooms were picked fresh from the field.
Peter was up at dawn, the best time to collect his field mushrooms.

Armed with his pocket knife and small wicker basket off he plodded with his companion Phoebe Whippet. 

Phoebe enjoyed her jaunts across the fields ever hopeful that she may find the odd bunny to chase. With Peter's heavy foot falls the rabbits were long gone. Peter could never manage stealth mode much to Phoebe's annoyance.

Peter was looking for rings of field mushrooms growing fresh on rich meadow pastures.
Phoebe was trotting closely behind her Master enjoying the fresh country air. Head held high she could detect a familiar scent carried on the soft breeze.
Peter was preoccupied after spotting a few fresh mushrooms growing in the short grass.

Phoebe started to whimper. 
Now agitated she knocked Peter over just as he was about to cut his first precious breakfast treat.
 As he stood up he was surprised to see a heard of frisky cows heading in their direction.

"Don't panic Phoebe, slow and steady does it,"  reassured Peter.
Peter and Phoebe started walking calmly towards the edge of field but the cattle were becoming rather inquisitive.

 The herd quickened their pace and broke into a trot. 
Peter became alarmed and knew he wouldn't reach the gate in time.
"RUN..." he shouted, legging it towards the exit but was cut off by a big bull sporting a ring in its nose. 
Peter panicked and sped in the opposite direction.
Suddenly he lost his footing and found himself flying through the air.
Phoebe watched from the safety of the adjoining field as Peter belly flopped with a huge splosh into the fields small watering hole.

 The herd came to a halt immediately and looked at one another rather jittery. 
Suddenly out of the depths of the pond shot a humongous mud monster its head smothered with pond weed.
Horror-struck Phoebe raced for home. Her Master had been captured or possibly eaten!
The terrified cattle stampeded in all directions.
Poor Peter was covered from head to toe in cold smelly mud and cow dung. His boots were filled to the brim and he squelched his way shamefully homeward.

Thankfully he did not meet another soul on his uncomfortable trudge home.
 A now calmer Phoebe was patiently waiting for her Master's return.

Alerted by a strange groan she growled and barked at the suspicious mud caked figure slowly approaching her. The disturbance arousing the curiosity of Miss Pope who was opening the curtains of her bedroom window which overlooked Peter's Airstream caravan. 
No doubt, another unfortunate Peter misadventure she deduced.
She smiled and then started laughing heartily as she watched Peter peel off his mud sodden clothing.
He struggled rolling each of his clingy socks off whilst balancing on one foot at a time. 
His clothing finally piled high in a heap, his pale flabby body wearing only his flowery boxer shorts retreated indoors for a much needed shower.

Having laughed so much it was time for Miss Pope to find herself a large checked handkerchief to dry her eyes and blow her nose before making her way downstairs for a cup of freshly brewed Breakfast Tea and some marmalade toast.
Laughter is indeed the best medicine!

Until the next time, keep smiling,
 stay safe, warm, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

Thank you kindly for your visit.
We dearly appreciate your comments and hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.   
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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Prunella and the Fungi...


During the month of November
Prunella has been out and about spotting colourful fungi, soft green mosses and ferns...

She even found the perfect Prunella sized waterfall!!

 and a teeny-tiny cave for shelter...

Winter is almost upon us...

and with it comes Christmas and the gorgeous Robin Redbreast that adorns the festive cards...


Until the next time, keep smiling,
 stay safe, warm, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

Thank you kindly for your visit.
We dearly appreciate your comments and hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.   
Happy Blogging!

Missingtoe Mistletoe Mouse...

Happy New Year dear Readers.   Another year over and a new one just begun. May all your wishes and dreams come true. Prune...