Sunday, 23 October 2016

Have a Heart this Halloween

Halloween is the season for little ghosts, ghouls and goblins to take to the streets in our neighbourhoods.
Prunella wonders what creepy potions have been cooked up in this 500 year old cauldron in the warming room at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire...

Now for Prunella's 2016 Halloween Tale...

Have a Heart this Halloween...

It was a chilly October's day in Potters Down, bright but a little breezy. 
 Prunella Pepperpot was gathering the colourful Autumn leaves littering her lawn when she noticed Willamina's broom abandoned in amongst the branches of her lilac bush...

Every October Willamina the Wise Witch from Ballymena would roam in Prunella's patch collecting ingredients for her magical potions to ward off evil spirits and undo unfortunate spells cast by her evil nemesis Wendy the Wicked Witch of Wessex. 
Prunella knew that wherever Willamina wandered Bertram Bat would be close at hand.
Prunella rushed inside to gather some juicy grapes a favourite of Bertrams' being that he was a fruit bat.
It wasn't long before Prunella spotted Bertram sat on a pumpkin left for Prunella as a magical Halloween gift from Willamina. 

The two friends hugged. Bertram delighted by the juicy grapes tucked in heartily.

He had so much to tell little Prunella. How Willamina worked her fingers to the bone wielding her wand intricately woven together from oak and apple branches  and kept supple by rosemary oil, chanting spells and concocting potions made from roots, herbs and spices.
Bertram squeaked, 
"Dear Prunella Pepperpot, 
to protect your frog friends from Wendy the Wicked witch this year, Willamina the Wise has hand crafted a safe house which is tucked away amidst your shrubbery.

Sadly frogs legs are a key ingredient in wicked Wendy's venomous potion this year. So much so that gardens have seen a sharp decline in their frog numbers."
Prunella gasped, she was saddened by this gruesome news. Her precious frog friends were dear to her heart and she couldn't bear to think of them being used in Wendy's vile potions of doom.

Bertram went on to tell Prunella of Wendy's wickedly wacky deeds the previous Halloween. 
How Wendy had turned Sally Squirrel and Farmer Brown's Mrs Brown Bunny to wood. It took all of Willamina's wit to undo these dastardly deeds.

Bertram requested that Prunella carves her magical pumpkin with love this year. The soft flickering light would help comfort and protect all of Prunella's garden critters through the dark gruesome nights to come.
Prunella watched as Bertram fluttered off.
She carried her small, astonishingly light magical pumpkin indoors.
Now how to carve some love into this wondrous pumpkin pondered Prunella...

 Until the next time, 
stay safe this Halloween.
Hugs to all.


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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Orange October...

 It was a beautiful sunny day in October
On days like these Prunella loves nothing more than to be out and about enjoying the sights and sounds of nature...

She spotted this cute little chappy scratching around in search of a small morsel for his rumbling tum... 

 In the bushes was Robin Redbreast singing such a beautiful song. 
Prunella thought he was looking particularly handsome today with not a feather out of place...

Just at that moment in time a shower of acorns fell upon poor Prunella. When she had regained her composure she looked up and there was Sally Squirrel sitting high on a branch in the old oak tree devouring a small acorn...

Prunella has a passion for flowers and fortunately at this time of year there are still plenty of beautiful flowers to be admired
 Some gorgeous cyclamen growing in the shade of  a horse chestnut tree...

Flowers and foliage in rich autumnal shades..

The vibrant orange coloured flowers remind Prunella that it is almost time to find herself a Halloween Pumpkin...

 Perhaps if she speaks nicely to the local Head Gardener and his faithful companion they will save a very special pumpkin just for her...

Prunella wishes everyone a fabulous October...

 Until the next time, 
stay safe, happy and healthy. 
Hugs to all.


Thank you kindly for your visit and we dearly appreciate your comments. 
We hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.
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