Monday, 25 July 2016

Bee Beautiful...



We have been basking in some glorious sunshine over the past week, such a pleasant change from all the rain we've been experiencing so far this Summer.

Prunella thought it would be a lovely idea to pack up some freshly prepared food and place it in the wicker picnic basket along with a flask of  coffee brewed that very same morning. Now to invite Francine to join her in a ride in the Jumping Jimny to the Ridgeway for a short stroll.


Such glorious views and lovely peace and quiet disturbed only by the sound of birdsong and the gentle buzzing of hoverflies and bees.  What a wonderful spot to enjoy their small snack.



 After returning home dear Prunella was wandering around her garden admiring her flowers along with the beautiful butterflies and bees




Looking to see if her Felicite Perpetue rambling rose needed tying to the trellis she noticed some semi circular holes cut out neatly from the otherwise healthy leaves.



She looked here there and everywhere to catch the culprit but no greenfly or caterpillars to be seen anywhere.

She was stumped.

Just then there was a buzz and Beyonce the Leaf-cutter Bee landed on a nice succulent green leaf where she carefully nibbled a neat hole. Such skill, Prunella was mesmerized. She then gently gathered the fresh green leaf disc until it was firmly in her grasp and off she flew to her new nest.

As fast as Prunella's little legs could carry her she ran following Beyonce the Bee as she flew with the piece of leaf almost as big as herself!

Much to Prunella's delight Beyonce headed straight to Prunella's Bug Hotel.



What a lovely bijou residence Beyonce was crafting for her young. The larvae were very lucky to have such a skilled and caring mother Bee.


  When Beyonce was happy with her work she sealed the bamboo with her saliva and a large piece of leaf . Then off she flew.



Prunella hopes to see the new young Leaf-cutter Bees buzzing around in April of next year. She will have to make sure there are some beautiful Spring flowers planted in her garden with plenty of nice fresh pollen and nectar for the young bees to feed  on.



Prunella is so impressed by the workmanship that goes into creating these wonderful little homes.


Until the next time, 
stay safe, happy and healthy. 
Hugs to all.


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We hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.
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Saturday, 16 July 2016

The colour Red...

Prunella's gorgeous red rose bush is in full bloom and it's fragrance is pure perfection...

 Red is also for Ed the Red Kite.
Prunella spotted him preening himself and surveying his territory from a high perch in the Old Oak tree...

Mmm... looks as though he's spotted something and it's not Prunella...

 He's busy watching the activity in Prunella's garden.
Woody Wood Pigeon is having a drink unaware he is being spied on from up above...

Feeling a little peckish he checks to see if the bird table is unoccupied...

Great, time for a quick snack...

Sadly he was pipped at the post by Prunella's dear friend Dee Dee the Dove...

She looks ill at ease. Maybe she's aware of Ed the Red Kite up above.
No it's not that, it's something down below.
Prunella rubs her eyes as she can't believe what she's seeing. Feeding from around the bottom of her bird table is a rat...

Oh dear a rotten rat, not something that Prunella wants scurrying around her pretty little garden even though he is kinda cute!
"Not to worry," cries Ed and with a sudden swoosh the chase is on...

Prunella hasn't seen hide nor hair of that rotten little rascal Roland Rat since.
Who knows what has become of him.

Until the next time stay safe, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

Thank you kindly for your visit and we dearly appreciate your kind comments.
We hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it!
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