Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Visit to Mottisfont's Walled Garden...

Prunella and Francine both share a passion for roses. 
Since watching a garden documentary on English gardens it had been a wish of Francine's to visit the walled gardens of Mottisfont Abbey in Hampshire, a National Trust Property.

The roses are best in late June but much is dependent on the weather and Francine just missed the hight of their blooms by just over a week. 

Nevertheless, it was still spectacular and the scents divine.    

Mottisfont holds the National Collection of Heritage Roses.
For the medieval canons, roses were sacred symbols.

In the 1970s, Graham Stuart Thomas saved rare and beautiful blooms from extinction and created Mottisfont's magical garden. 
He chose old roses and underplanted them with stunning herbaceous perennials to bring scent and colour from Spring to Autumn.

The Abbey itself is lovingly restored inside and out by The National Trust.

Maud Russell, a former owner of Mottisfont, was a lover of art and The National Trust has continued her passion with a serious of changing art exhibitions throughout the year.

We will leave you today with an image of
The Angel of Mottisfont featuring Maud Russell's face. A breathtakingly beautiful mosaic by Boris Anrep.

After all, everyone needs that special someone to watch over them...


Thank you kindly for your visit and we hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.
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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

♥ Roses Grow on You ♥...

Prunella Pepperpot and her bestest friend Francine Frangipane 
love roses.
They are both at their happiest 
while pottering around the garden together,
 enjoying the different coloured blooms and amazing scents.

 One of the first roses to bloom in their garden is 
 Rosa Xanthina 'Canary Bird' 
One of Francine's favourites. 
A must in any garden.

The rich, sharp, fruity fragrance of the rose Abraham Darby...

Sweet smelling Aurthur Bell...

 Rosa Californica 'Plena' (California Wild Rose), with it's deliciously fragrant flowers.
It's been moved and pruned to within an inch of it's life whilst building work was being done.  
This was one of the first roses purchased for this garden almost 3o years ago.
It just shows how hardy roses can be... 

The intense fruity fragrance of the rose Lady Emma Hamilton...

Gentle Hermione with it's true old rose character 
and old rose scent.
This rose was named after Hermione, the faithful wife of Leontes, the king of Sicillia and mother of Perdita in Shakespeare's 'The Winter's Tale'.
Not as Prunella's favourite herione,
 Hermione in the Harry Potter books!

James Galway named in celebration of the 60th birthday of James Galway, the world famous flautist.
Bought because of the name
 a harbour city on Ireland’s west coast,
 on a to do list...

♥ Roses, like chocolates, are for sharing ♥

Because of this a dear friend is always sharing cuttings from her rose bushes.
Sometimes they are successful and they do grow.
It's exciting to watch them bud and bloom, trying to guess what colour the rose will eventually be.
Here are the successes, unfortunately their names are unknown...

 A beautiful rich yellow fading to cream...

   A delicate cream...

And last but not least
The most stunning romantic red rose...

 ♥ Roses are most definately for sharing ♥

Have a beautiful week

 Thank you to Stephanie for featuring this post on The Enchanting Rose, Roses of Inspiration xxx

The Enchanting Rose

Thank you kindly for your visit and we hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.
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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Birdhouses and Bulbs...

Prunella has found the weather rather dismal recently with lots of high winds and heavy downpours.

On days like these she likes to cosy up indoors in front of a roaring fire with her fluffy companion, Griff.
He's sooo fluffy!

Today was brighter. 
Still windy though, so Prunella had to be careful that she wasn't blown away.

A quick ride in the Jumping Jimny to the local garden centre where Prunella was in search of a new birdhouse.
Prunella saw the little hearts cut into the front of this birdhouse and knew that if she had fallen in love with it instantly, then the little birds in her garden would love it too...

Though they may have a fright if Prunella decides to keep it as her new home! 
Perish the thought!

For days when it's far too miserable to leave the comfort of indoors
 a friendly looking cactus to brighten up the windowsill 
and remind Prunella of fun camping holidays.
She just couldn't resist bringing this little character home too...

Looking around outside today, there were welcome signs of the garden springing back into life.
Snowdrops and crocuses...


It is still far too cold for bees,
 but this little one was happily buzzing around collecting large amounts of pollen. 
Hope she makes it home before the temperature drops...

Time to check on the new wren house that Prunella put up last week...

 Prunella loves wrens 
and hopes they will  set up home in the little basket.

Until the next time.
Have a beautiful week...


Thank you kindly for your visit and we hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.
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