Friday, 10 November 2017

A Walk in the Park for Peter and Phoebe...

November is upon us and with it comes the long dark nights and frosty mornings.
Warm cosy evenings in front of the log burner.
Most of the leaves have now fallen from Prunella's trees. It is that time of year to plant out a winter pot with some colourful plants to brighten the dreariest of days.

Prunella's dear friend Phoebe Whippet feels that she is forgotten about in Prunella Pepperpot's Tales. 
She is almost twelve, a very sweet and dear old dog.
This is one of Phoebe as a puppy...

 In her younger days she was a stunner...

 She even appeared in the pages of a dog training book, but now her coat looks rather moth eaten due to the fact that she suffers from Addison's disease.
Like all old dogs she still has her mad moments!

 A small tale for Phoebe my blue whippet, I hope you enjoy! 


A Walk in the Park for Peter and Phoebe.

Next door to Prunella Pepperpot lives Miss Pope the local Primary School Headmistress. A very prim and proper lady and a true pillar of the community. Tall and upright with a large chest and small hips. Miss Pope could easily audition for a voice over for a Father Christmas animation due to her deep booming voice and hearty laugh. 
Parked to one side of Miss Pope's driveway is a renovated silver Airstream caravan. 
There lives the portly Peter Pickles. A lumbering gentle giant with a shock of blond flyaway hair. Due to ill health Peter had recently taken early retirement from his post as a Porter at the local Cottage Hospital in Potteringford. 
He had smoked like a chimney from a very young age and colleagues had often remarked his fright of yellow hair was due to it being stained by the cigarette smoke from his filthy habit. 
Miss Pope, a fond friend, rented out her caravan to him on the one condition, he gave up smoking immediately and true to his word he had not had a cigarette since but he was often seen puffing on his Sherlock Holmes pipe. There was of course no tobacco in it. Knowing Peter's obsession with his pipe, Miss Pope had gifted Peter a tweed Deerstalker hat one Christmas. Peter absolutely adored it and it was almost always on his head. 
The fact was Peter was at times a little eccentric!
Peter shares his modest home with his beloved pet Phoebe Whippet.
To Peter, Phoebe was his precious pampered pooch. With all of the very many jewelled collars Peter had purchased for Phoebe she could be mistaken for a little Princess...

Peter and Phoebe both have a passion for tinned sardines in tomato sauce. It was not unknown for Peter to pack a small flask of tea and a sandwich box filled with a baguette and a tin of sardines to enjoy with Phoebe during their walks together in the local Park.

Today was one of those days. Phoebe ran ahead of Peter through the Park, across the old rickety wooden bridge spanning the local stream, into a larger field. There she could really let off steam. She charged up and down the whole length of the football pitch marked out in white on the green grass beneath her dainty paws just missing one of the goal posts. She enjoyed nothing better than racing around in tight circles, clockwise then anti clockwise. As she ran little clods of grass were thrown up into the air. Finally exhausted she collapsed in a tidy heap at Peter's feet panting.

Fortunately their favourite bench was unoccupied... 

"Time for tea and sardines Phoebe," said Peter affectionately as he pulled the treats from his purple parka pockets patting her on her head.

Peter removed a steel bowl from his pocket and filled it with half of the contents from his flask, warm milky tea. He watched as Phoebe, her large tongue flashing pink, quickly lapped up every last drop. Peter tore open the baguette and filled it with the contents of tinned sardines dripping with tomato sauce. As the pair tucked in heartily little did they know that they were about to be under siege by wild ferocious airborne predators.

Some seagulls were spiralling overhead calling to one another there was food down below.

Just as Peter was about to take another bite from his sardine filled baguette there was a sudden rush of air above his head. A hungry seagull knocked Peter’s deerstalker hat to the ground. Phoebe was very protective over her master and her food treats. Peter always shared his food with her and only her. Fearless Phoebe, hackles raised, sprung into the air snarling ferociously. She was ready to take on this band of thugs. 

The gulls locked their beady eyes onto their target. Down from the sky they swooshed like feathered darts seeking out their prey. Unrelenting was their attack that poor Phoebe didn't know which way to run.

Peter always the hero launched his baguette high into the air, grabbed his deerstalker hat and whisked his precious Phoebe into his strong protective arms. He ran a little too clumsily for Phoebe’s comfort. Safely home the distant sound of seagulls still screeching in their ears. 

Enjoy your November. 
Until the next time, keep smiling,
 stay safe, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

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We dearly appreciate your comments and hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.   
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  1. I love your posts, dear Prunella !! I love your story today and I admire beautiful pictures!
    Have a happy weekend !

  2. A delightful tale to read. This last image of Prunella and Phoebe is captivating. Enjoy the month of November with Phoebe for company and the lovely colours you have potted.

  3. Another lovely post and some fabulous photo's too.

    Happy November dear Prunella and a Happy November to all your friends and family too.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    All the best Jan

  4. So lovely, both the tale and the photos. Dogs are amazing. Our old friend turned 12 in September. :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hello Prunella, I enjoyed your story about Peter and Phoebe.Phoebe is a beautiful dog and is a lovely model. She has some pretty collars to wear. I hope you all have a happy month of November. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  6. What a beautiful post !!!!
    We really like meeting Phoebe !!!! She is very beautiful !!!!
    Have a great weekend !!!!
    A meow of Frida and Sofia

  7. Bravo, Peter! I hope that as soon as he arrived back home he opened up another can of sardines in tomato sauce and gave them all to Phoebe. I must say that the swanky collection of collars resembles nothing so much as fine jewelry. Phoebe has indeed lived a pampered life.

  8. Great post....looks warm and inviting in your house! Phoebe has beautiful soft eyes - she deserves to have a splendid collection of collars.

    Happy weekend!

  9. It's always fun to spend time on your blog and catch up with dollies and critters. I love those fancy collars! I've never seen anything like them! Hugs!

  10. I think November and January are the most unpopular month of the year. But I love the air then (I can really good breathe) and somehow the world is more still and this is a fact I like.
    Your room with the fire place looks comfy and your dog seems to love it to lie in front.
    To read your stories is always a little escape from daily routine.

    I always hope you can understand my English.

    Have a great November!

  11. I love all your tales and this was another wonderful story.
    Phoebe looks like a gentle old soul and I love the picture of her with one ear up and the other down.
    Thank you for the stories you write and share with us. : )

  12. "Lady Phoebe" I think thats right by the photo with the cape ;-)
    Frosty Morning - not here in Germany, grey morning, grey noon and afternoon, black evening and night.
    Sun is rarely seen - I hope it will better.
    I enjoy the story from Peter and Phoebe and the Walk!

  13. Hello, dearest Prunella! What a beauty Phoebe is and those collars are so pretty! As Gabriela writes above, your stories really offer a little escape from the boring everyday life.
    The end of the story didn't leave me completely satisfied though. The baddies won? I wish I had been there with my rifle... :)
    Wishing you good health and many cosy evenings in front of the fireplace... and looking forward to posts dedicated entirely to Griff. :)
    Big hugs! xx

  14. Hello Prunella, first let me say that the fire looks very cozy with your beautiful friend enjoying the warmth, and the fall flowers are lovely! Your dear friend, Phoebe is a lovely girl, even as age creeps up on her (as it does to all of us :) and she is certainly fashionable with all of her beautiful collars and pretty cape. Seagulls are known for their bullying behavior when it comes to stealing food and it is no fun being below them for other (ahem) reasons, also! It is best to make a hasty retreat! I so enjoyed this story on a gray, stormy day. Sending hugs xo Karen

  15. Loved this BEAUTIFUL and really INTERESTING story dear Prunella!!!

    you are EXCELLENT in your story telling always!
    i am sure you are writing a book to publish these charming tales :)

    Lovely photo of your pretty and cute pet my friend!
    she looks really well behaved and adorable with her intelligent shining eyes!
    loved her close ups.
    wonderful shots indeed go amazingly right with adventure of Peter and Phoebe!

    Sorry that Phoebe is not well my friend ,my heartiest best wishes are with her .
    have great life ahead dear!

  16. beautiful images today!! phoebe looks wonderful to me, as i am a lover of the look of a life well spent!!

  17. That's a charming story with some beautiful photos. i'm sure Phoebe was a young stunner but like all ladies she has grown wise with age and in her own way is still something of a looker. So glad you are getting out for walks now Pru. I think we are in for a few nice winter days.

  18. Another darling story! And Phoebe Whippet is a suitably darling heroine. A sweet post to celebrate my favorite month of the year.

  19. Phoebe is such a cute dog and with her collars she does look like a princess!

  20. Phoebe is such a charming lady. I like each pose and each facial expression of hers. I like the photo of her standing on hind legs and of her embracing Prunella softly. To read your lovely story-telling was a nice way to spend the time before going to bed.


  21. I've enjoyed the tale of Peter and Phoebe Whippet from start to finish. Phoebe looks such a gentle soul who is not well. She's much loved. I'm glad Peter came to the rescue and protected her when the greedy gulls swooped down. Lovely to see Prunella and Phoebe together and Griff in front of the fire. I hope you're all enjoying cosy evenings after a time in the garden. Planting out those cabbages and bedding plants will make it look pretty.