Thursday, 14 September 2017

A Stormy Night in Prunella's Patch...

 September is upon us once again. 
The Seasons have just flown by. 
The older one grows the less time there seems to be in each day, week, month and year.
Autumn is one of my favourite Seasons as is Spring. 
It has been a busy few weeks in the Prunella household what with building work and me on my hands and knees restoring my terracotta floor to it's former glory. For all of you out there considering cream grouting for your floor tiles, DO'NT!! If you do bicarbonate of soda and an old toothbrush along with hours of elbow grease works wonders. 
I purchased two new happy Hug Rugs to help protect the heavy traffic areas by the sink and cooker and a small  door mat for the patio doors...

Now for a small tale inspired by my Iceberg Rose imagining it was a real iceberg crashing through the strong gales and pounding rain...

A Stormy Night in Prunella's Patch...

On this blustery Tuesday morning, around 4am Prunella Pepperpot was awakened from her slumber by the sound of lashing rain on her window pane and howling winds all around.
 Storm Aileen was visiting Prunella's Patch. 
Prunella peeked out of the window and thought she saw a small dark shadow zoom past with such speed. It was gone in an instant and she had been unable to make out what it could be.
Frightened by the shadowy silhouettes of the trees being blown this way and that she decided to seek refuge back in her warm comfortable bed and snuggled down under her colourful duvet. 
During her sleep Prunella dreamt of a strange conversation she had with her Iceberg Rose... 

Tearfully she told Prunella that she no longer wanted to be a Rose stuck in a pot. 
She wanted to branch out and become a large pure white, icy cold iceberg crashing freely through open waters. 
I know, you all think Prunella is a little potty as who in their right minds talks to their plants!
That morning after her briefly disturbed sleep Prunella was up bright and early checking on her roses. Even though Autumn had arrived there were still wonderfully scented blooms to enjoy on Prunella's many rose bushes...

At that moment Prunella was sure she heard a little voice calling for some assistance. 
Turning towards her Iceberg Standard Rose she was shocked and horror stricken to see that during the storm the pot and all of it's contents had been blown over
Caught underneath was a helpless looking Desmond Dragon!

Poor darling Desmond was thoroughly pinned down by the pot. Prunella hurried to find Billy Blue Hat to come to her and Desmond's aid. The pot was so very heavy and the foliage of her Iceberg Rose was well and truly jammed between Prunella's Bay Tree, the house wall and her large water butt.
Billy Blue Hat was a hero and fortunately Desmond was unharmed. Not the same could be said for Prunella's beautiful pot which had a large crack running from top to bottom. 
Prunella had a few choice words to say to her Iceberg Rose and apologised profusely to dear Desmond whilst brushing him down.
He asked Prunella if she minded if he had a little rest after his traumatic ordeal in a safer corner of her garden. Prunella guided him to her shed at the bottom of the garden. There he found himself a comfortably sheltered spot in amongst some fallen leaves for a much needed restful snooze...

Until the next time, keep smiling,
 stay safe, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

Thank you kindly for your visit.
We dearly appreciate your comments and hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.   
Happy Blogging!


  1. Hello, your floor look great. I have used the baking soda, vinegar and water. It like magic. The storm sounds scary, sorry about your Iceberg Rose but I am glad your dragon was not hurt. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. You have been busy! Thank you for the homely cleaning tip. Your terracotta tiles look sparkling and I like the pattern on your rugs. They remind me of the bird houses that I think are due to Billie Blue Hat's clever carpentry. What a disturbing night you had as the storm passed over! I'm glad all is well now in your lovely rose garden and you, Prunella and friends are having a good rest.

  3. I know what you mean about the grout in the tiles getting discoloured - and it is quite the chore, as you say to get them clean. In terms of the disaster that befell Prunella's Iceberg Rose, I am glad that everything turned out well in the end.

  4. Dear Prunella,
    I'm happy that you have a new little story for us :)
    Youre Dragon ist very nice and in Germany we have autumn too! I like this season so much - like you I think?!
    Thank you for youre regular visit to me in my Blog - I am always very happy about it
    Greetings from a windy (yesterday we have the first storm in autumn) Germany

  5. Prunella, I love your roses, your new story and that cute little dragon! Thanks for sharing!

  6. cute rugs, they remind me of fall - halloween, i guess it's the colors!! gorgeous flowers, they always look best with a splash of water or sun on them!!

    nice to see you today, many thanks for all the comments on my blog!!

  7. Aww!! what a lovely story.. sorry for the storm.. and loads of love for Prunella...

  8. Thanks for that cleaning tip, I'm going to try it.
    Like your new mats in the kitchen. Nice and cheery.
    The roses are lovely and as always I enjoy the story. : )

  9. Hi Prunella,
    thank you for wonderful pictures! I love your new Rugs, the are lovely!
    The Iceberg Rose, is it a "Climbing Iceberg" ? I have them too in my garden :O)
    Hope, the storm is gone now, we had very stormy winds too last days ...
    Have a happy weekend,
    love and hugs, Claudia xo

  10. Happy Tweet Home rug is really cute - I would so gladly to have one! Poor Desmond - you just can't demand too much of him :) But Prunella has such a good eye for Beauty - even in the rain. Wishing great autumn days to Prunella's patch!

  11. I found this rug elegant and pretty with it's soothing color and design.

    Prunella got stormy night and i feel sorry for the terror that rude weather caused to her.
    either i used to talk with nature including my rose plants but it's been long time now .Imagination is powerful and marvelous gift to a beautiful soul ,it frees you from the all limitations that a body has .
    i feel sorry for the disturbance that caused storm to your lovely garden dear .
    but don't worry all will be blooming soon once again

  12. I just love your happy rugs. So glad your storm did only minimal damage to your delightful roses and garden. Sadly spring has arrived here in drought like conditions. No rain expected in the foreseeable future and bushfires quite likely. The colours in your garden brighten my day.

  13. Delightful post. I love the new rugs and such a pretty terra-cotta floor. Your garden looks pretty and I do love your birdhouses and the little bird decorations on the posts. Gorgeous flowers also. That must have been quite a storm! Sorry to hear your pot was cracked. Desmond is a very handsome dragon, glad he was spared a similar fate.

  14. Hello Prunella,
    Your carpets are really very beautiful. The door mat is really beautiful :-)))
    The terracotta floor looks back to you.
    The roses with the raindrops are beautiful glitters of nature :-)
    The storm also has a lot of flowerpot in the Netherlands here.
    Very nice blog.

    Enjoy the weekend,.
    Best regards, Helma

  15. I agree! Your floor tiles look gorgeous! The rugs are cute, too. I sure like Prunella!

  16. Very lovely and colorful roses.

  17. Thank you for the cleaning tip. My kitchen tiles need a treatment too. Your kitchen floor looks wonderful now. The carpets are a good idea.
    I'm glad that Prunella's story had a good ending.

  18. Thankfully, there was no serious damage to your garden from the storm. We had one too and one of pot also turned over and was broken into pieces. I love your beautiful roses!

  19. Beautiful flowers, gorgeous floor tiles and super new throw rugs!!!
    Loved the narration too.

  20. The storm has passed and Prunella's garden looks beautiful in the sunshine. Such wonderful roses... *sigh*
    I didn't know you have dragons, but of course you do. Come to think of it, perhaps the European Dragon is most common exactly in England.
    My favourite photos are those with the pretty bird houses, wonderful roses and the cheerful blue sky. Wishing you many happy autumn days. Big hugs! xx

  21. This is the time of year for storms!
    As always I enjoyed your post, and I do like the new mats.

    All the best Jan

  22. Wonderful photos and a charming tale. The roses are gorgeous, and Desmond Dragon snoozing in the corner is so cute... It would be nice, if a little dragon, like Desmond, moved into my garden too. :-)
    There were big storms here too, and one of my beautiful old pots broke as well. :-(
    Your floor looks like new, and your new doormat is very lovely. :-)

  23. Hello Prunella,

    even now I discovered your blog. I want to say that your Prunella is such a sweet little redhairy girl, and the story about the stormy night is great (with beautiful pictures)! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Here in Germany the october is almost over and we're deep in autumn. I LOVE these season so much. I can breathe better and all the gorgeous colors in nature ... fantastic!

    I think I will visit your blog regularly.

    Kind regards from Berlin to Wales


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