Sunday, 25 June 2017

Prunella Pepperpot, Honorary Princess of Frogs...

Prunella Pepperpot has a passion for frogs and they too for her.
Prunella must have such a strong magnetic aura that frogs find her simply irresistibly attractive and seek her out wherever she may be.

Let us start at the beginning.
For many years now Prunella has shared her garden with a small army of Frogs led by their chief, Colonel Mustard...

He is a large, very wise old frog that enjoys the shade of Prunella's flower border.
Even the snails have great respect for him. 
They know if they are in any way a nuisance he will gobble them up instantly. He will stand for no nonsense especially if they start to devour Prunella's precious blooms... 

As the day nears an end, Prunella loves tending to her fragrant rose collection on her side patio...

Rosa Gentle Hermione...

 Rosa Harlow Carr...

Rosa Lady Emma Hamilton...

Rosa Boscobel...

Rosa Grace...

an unknown red, grown by Prunella from a cutting, perhaps Deep Secret...

Rosa Strawberry Hill...

 Rosa Roald Dahl...

Colonel Mustard's ground patrol pop out from their hidey-holes at this time of the evening.
 They listen to Prunella's chattering about her daily adventures, at the same time keeping cool in the water draining from beneath the flower pots...

Prunella sleeps soundly knowing her patch is being patrolled around the clock by her personal army of faithful frogs.
She was comforted by the knowledge that they would keep a careful eye out for slimy slugs and snails whilst she was away in Wales for the weekend.
They had asked her kindly to say hello to their froglet Welsh cousins.

So it was that Prunella was out walking around the small Welsh lake saying hi to the grazing sheep and enjoying the wild flowers...

...but no froglets in sight...

 Ooh, what can I spy on Prunella's back. 
 Froglet Fred wondered what Prunella was gazing at. 
Perhaps if he climbed higher, he too would be able to enjoy the view...

Prunella fell down laughing from all of his tickling and it wasn't long before she was joined by all of his froglet brothers and sisters...

It was decided unanimously that Prunella Pepperpot should be crowned their Princess of Frogs...


Until the next time, keep smiling,
 stay safe, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

  Shared with Riitta K's Floral Passions: Floral Bliss #27

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  1. Well hello Prunella, Princess of the Frogs. I just love your roses and lakeland walk in Wales. Your spring brings so much beauty and joy.

  2. Hi Prunella and thank you for sharing your froggy friemds and stories with everyone. You know, I hardly ever see frogs anymore. i think like many other creatures, they are suffering at the hands of us humans interfering in their lives with changes to their environment, drainage and chemicals they don't like. I hope I am wrong but keep loving those frogs.

  3. Hello Prunella, I love your frog friends, sweet Hermoine and your beautiful roses. Beautiful views of the lake and sheep in Wales . I hope all is well, enjoy your trip! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  4. So sweet Prunella :) With roses, frogs and on the green field - you are so beautiful!
    Greetings from Germany

  5. Goodness, Prunella and the frogs seem to be really good friends. :) We have lots of frogs near the lake and some old pools, but they would never let me photograph them so nonchalantly. Hmm, they are kind of cute...
    Your roses are wonderful and I was happy to see also my favourite dog in the blog-world.
    It was lovely to see your post today, Prunella. Big hugs! xx

  6. the peonies are gorgeous, the toad, not quite as much. but we have to kiss a lot of toads before we find our prince right?? and your toad images are awesome!!!

  7. What a delightful post and one I thoroughly enjoyed.
    Glad that the frogs keep Prunella's garden pest free.
    Beautiful roses and they all have such interesting names.

  8. Oh Prunella, I always enjoy my visits to see you in Blogland ...
    I just love your frog friends, and sweet Hermoine and your Roses are wonderful.
    I think it is a good year for Roses, I have seen many beautiful ones locally and further afield!
    Lovely scenic shots you have shared too.

    Enjoy this last week of June.

    All the best Jan

  9. That frog has his very own matching snail, doesn't he? You and Prunella enjoy the outdoors like we do here! Wendy says Hello to her friend. She is inside where it's cool today though! heehee! Hugs!

  10. Prunella - what a contented girl you are whether at home or away! It's good to see your smiling face and to know that Colonel Mustard does such a good job in the garden. The roses are gorgeous. How happy you look sitting out by candlelight! A lovely photo. You must be pleased that your gardener friend has a mug with your sweet face on it. Wishing all your friends peaceful days during the last days of June.

  11. Dear sweet Prunella,
    you have a wonderful garden with many blooming flowers surrounded by so many really good friends. How nice, they watch out by day and night so the snails do not eat all the flowers. Very gladly I would have so good friends.
    Thanks for this nice post, Carmen

  12. Hi Prunella, I wrote to you yesterday but my post did not succeed...
    You are definitely The Princess of your Frog Kingdom <3 In my pond there is not a single frog this year but would be so happy to have such frightening looking garden guardians! Your rises are adorable dear Prunella. I love best those of peachy color for I have none.

    So good to hear from you again. Wishing you great summer days my dear Frog Princess!

  13. Fotografías preciosas. Saludos.

  14. What a beautiful post, today dear friend! You look like a real frog princess!
    I love frogs. I think they are very photogenic!

  15. Your pictures of frogs are very pretty. Cute critters.

  16. Hello Prunella it seems you love flowers and also frogs. I think you would be a good friend with Ilmi, she sends you many greetings from her garden :)

  17. Ah Prunella, what a delightful blog you have here! I love it and, yes, your post certainly gives me a great big smile.
    So many frogs... what's a Princess to do! I really love all the photos here as well... so many pretty things to look at. Cheers and thank you for visiting my blog :D)

  18. What wonderful friends you have Prunella.....fabulous roses too....lucky girl!
    The wild flowers are very pretty.

    Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

  19. Prunella, your roses are stunning and I'm glad you have such good caretakers. They are almost as large as you are! Those Welsh froglets look cute.

  20. Oh my goodness, so many frogs to kiss - let's hope Prunella finds a prince! Lovely roses in her garden and the wildflowers are so pretty, too. Beautiful scenes of the Welch countryside. xx Karen

  21. seems like Prunella got herself some friends :)

  22. I envy Prunella her large army of frogs. These amphibians really are a good indicator of the health of the environment.

  23. This post was soooooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!

    1. ps...thanks for visiting with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' [my other blog]


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