Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Sing a Song of Spring...

Welcome to Prunella's Patch. Apologies for being away for so long...

Prunella has been enjoying the beautiful sunny Spring weather.
She has been aware that Ed the Red Kite has not made as many visits to her garden of late...

Red Kites breeding season is around March and April so Prunella assumes he has been busy setting up home with Mrs Ed.
His visits are very brief. 
If he has hungry mouths to feed he will undoubtedly be exceptionally busy looking for tasty morsels...

A Song Thrush has taken to perching high in the branches of Ed's favourite conifer tree...

 Prunella is often awakened in the early morning by it's sweet singing very close to her bedroom window...

Mr Blackbird and a cute little sparrow seem to enjoy his tuneful tunes too...

Nearing the end of April, Prunella's garden is now filled with beautiful blooms...

Even the dandelions are thriving...

The vibrant yellow reminding Prunella of her exciting adventure, a short flight in a yellow Tiger Moth, tucked safely in Whizzy's pocket with an occasional peek...


Prunella's friend Whizzy couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear...

Finally, staying on the moth theme, Prunella found a stripey caterpillar crawling around her garden...

An offspring from the Scarlet Tiger Moth spotted in Prunella's Patch the previous year.
Shame she didn't take it with her on her flight as it makes a great fashion accessory, though a tad tickly!

Until the next time, keep smiling,
 stay safe, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

Thank you kindly for your visit.
We dearly appreciate your comments and hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.   
Happy Blogging!

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  1. So great shots from Mrs. and Mr. Ed an the Blackbirds. The Flight is a gorgious.
    In Germany we have Frozen and some Flowers have no more blossoms :(
    But my cherry tree - have blossoms allover (I'm very happy about this).
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Hello dearest Prunella, it was lovely to see your new post!
    Your bird photos are always gorgeous (I wish I could get some like those), but the flower photos are even more gorgeous. :)
    Thank you for your comments today! Did your Wisteria die of frost? Such a pity, it is indeed a wonderful plant.
    Spring hasn't arrived here yet. Enjoy yours! <3 Big hugs! xx

    1. Thank you for your comments Sara. It was many years ago. We'd had an exceptionally hot Summer and a very hard Winter. I should really have another attempt at growing a blue wisteria. I saw some very young ones the other day that looked as though they needed a new home! Have a wonderful week Sara ♥

  3. Hello Prunella, it is always nice to see a new post from you. I am glad all is well and your are enjoying spring. Your Kite and Thrush are beautiful, I love all the birds. Lovely collection of flowers. Cool shots of the plane. Have a happy day!

  4. I love that red Kite! I've never heard of them so that's neat that you have pics. It does look a lot like the one I posted except for the colors. Love your pretty Spring flowers, Prunella! You've been busy! Hugs, from Diane and Wendy

  5. So nice to read a wonderful new post filled with lots of happy things.
    Wonderful shots of the Kite.
    It is lovely to wake up to birds singing.
    Great pictures of the yellow air plane and your spring flowers are beautiful.
    A lot of people don't like the dandelions in their green grass but I really like a polk-a-dot yellow lawn, which mine is. : )

  6. You have been having an exciting time what with birding and flying like a kite. Good luck to Ed asnd Edwina. Hope they have lots of Little Eddies.

  7. Gret birds and photos! And such a lovely blooming garden - what a joy for Prunella and all creatures!
    Greetings from far cold Germany

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with you today, sweet Prunella! My, what lovely flowers! Our trees are starting to bloom out here in the mountains and see the litte buds makes my heart sing.

    Hugs to you!

  9. Fabulous photos of Ed and Prunella's flowers... I understand how happy Prunella can be after the long winter.... Lots of sunshine!

  10. I'm glad to meet up with you again and see that Prunella has been having some exciting times. Like her I'm happy to see all the lovely Spring flowers, listen to the birds singing their hearts out. I would love to grow beautiful clematis and see Ed even if visits to the garden are less frequent this season.

  11. Love the birds and flowers photos. Love to yellow plane and the pretty moth. Enjoy your beautiful sunny spring!

  12. Oh happy prunella! What a beautiful garden you have, everywhere blooming.
    How beautiful you are awakened by the birdsong! I wish you a wonderful spring time , Carmen

  13. So lovely to see and read this post from you.
    You have been having an exciting time, great photo's of the plane and flight and what a lovely smiling face too!

    Your garden looks lovely and I enjoyed all of your photo's.
    Until the next time, enjoy these last remaining days of April.

    All the best Jan

  14. Your garden is so beautiful !!
    I really love your photos of clematis !!

  15. How exciting for Prunella to fly in the yellow Tiger Moth and to have so much beauty bursting forth in her garden. Wonderful to have a Red Kite living so close. I hope the babies arrive safely.

  16. Lovely to see what you have been up to, dear Prunella! Your gardens have been busy, hosting so many beautiful friends and flowers. I love the red kite - he/she does look rather fierce and I see that you have a cedar tree very much like in my little forest here in W. Washington state. I am surrounded by them and the birds do love them. Your garden looks so inviting, it is no mystery why it is a popular place! How exciting to have a ride in the vintage flyer! I hope you are enjoying these beautiful spring days. xo Karen

  17. So nice to see Prunella out of hibernation, enjoying the garden and making friends. And I always say - if you're gonna fly, fly in a yellow plane.

  18. spring seems to be pooping up everywhere, your blooms are lovely and colorful!!!

  19. Lovely Spring them all....fabulous plane!
    Thanks for sharing this....
    Happy May!

  20. Hello, I hope you are having a lovely spring! Thanks so much for your visit and comment! Have a happyndayband week ahead!

  21. Hello again, dearest Prunella! Thank you for your wonderful comments!
    I too am a fan of Gertrude Jekyll - I wrote my Master's Thesis about "Wood and Garden". :)
    Big hugs! xx

  22. Glad to see Prunella out and about. Spring is a very exciting time in the garden.

  23. Hello!:) I just had to come and see you before I take my leave again. Your garden is a hive of activity, and your pretty flowers are delightful. The moth and caterpillar are so colourful, and those are wonderful captures of the Red Kite, and Thrush. I love your cute shed too, and the pictures of the yellow plane,...all very exciting. Have fun Prunella, in your beautiful garden with all your friends.:)


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