Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Humbug anyone...

March is an eagerly awaited month in Prunella's Patch due to the welcome arrival of the flowers from her Magnolia Stellata bush. 
They burst open on bare branches, heralding the start of Spring. 
It has pride of place by her kitchen patio door. Being sited so, she doesn't miss a moment of its spectacular display.

 The prunus trees are at their best this time of year covered in a profusion of beautiful blossom...

The birds are happy to sit in their branches singing their hearts out for all to hear...

 The little Robin sings his song late into the evening as the sun goes down...

 Prunella has been entertained by the antics of a pair of  Long-tailed Tits. They are so incredibally cute especially when flying...

Checking on her shrubs Prunella noticed an abundance of garden snails. 
They reminded her of some colourful humbug sweets her gran used to eat...

Prunella is sure they will make a tasty treat for her small army of hungry frogs. 
Perhaps she should pick them and pop them into Freddie's Diner...

Until the next time,
 stay safe, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

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  1. Dear Prunella,
    the spring from your pictures will be arrived at Germany too. In the morning I hear the birds sing for my window. It's so much better then an alarm clock ;-)
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Hello Prunella, your blossoms are looking lovely. Love the sweet birds and the cool snails. Spring is finally arriving. Enjoy! Have a happy day!

  3. What a post, Prunella! I was already totally in love with the tenderly pink flowers of Prunus trees, then comes the blackbird (my favourite)... and then come the Long-tailed Tits! They shouldn't be very rare here, but I have never seen any. I'm dreaming of one day managing to photograph some. :)
    Such a lovely, happy post. We need posts like this in a day like this. My thoughts are in London now.
    Take care of yourself! Big hugs! <3

  4. Hello dearest Prunella,
    and thanks most sincerely for sharing such lovely early Springtime in your garden !

    Wishing you a most lovely remainder of your week
    with sincere thankfulness

    XOXO Dany

  5. ooooh spring has sprung and it is just beautiful!!!

    those pink cherry blossoms are gorgeous against the blue sky!!!

  6. Those snails think they can eat just a little without doing any damage! lol But ughh! And everyone needs some sunshine. My little Wendy is going to want to go outside too! Thanks for the prayers too. They are very much appreciated. Sweet hugs, Diane and dollies

  7. Ah all those beautiful blossoms make me smile. Sure looking forward to the day when some I see some blooms here by me. I'm still waiting for the daffodils. : )

  8. So gorgeous beautiful spring..Prunella must be very happy..

  9. No wonder Prunella is in ecstasy! Stunning magnolia, amazing pink prunus and the cute little bird friends! Sending much love to Prunella and her tiny friends ❤︎

  10. Looks like a little paradise for Prunella! Lovely blossoms and sweet little 'friends' coming to visit, too. Spring is so wonderful. xo Karen

  11. Prunella has definitely found the joy of spring in her garden. It takes ones breathe away.
    I hope the sun stays out for her.

  12. Good morning Prunella!:) Absolutely gorgeous blooms, I would love to have a white Magnolia Stellata bush in my garden, the large flowers are so very beautiful and I must say Prunella, you look cute in their midst. The charming Long-tailed Tits are my favourite. Thank you for all these lovely Spring time images and for all the winsome captures of your garden friends. Sending Hugs your way, and have a happy day.:=)

  13. Oh, Prunella has lots of spring signs and the magnolia is just magnificent!

  14. Hi, Prunella. spring has arrived at your garden. The flowers are beautiful and even the birds are enjoying your garden. The snails have pretty shells.

  15. Beautiful blossom .... love the primroses and birds,nice shot of the blackbird!
    Happy Spring!

  16. Oh what a beautiful, Spring world you live in Prunella! The garden is looking a treat. I can almost hear those little birdies sing, all the way down here.

  17. Dear Prunella ,
    as in paradise, so splendid blossoms ! In Bavaria, the spring has not arrived yet , but I expect it with very desire. Thank you for the wonderful pictures, I wish you happy spring time.
    Thanks for your blog visit, Carmen

  18. Spring is a most joyful and lovely season.
    So nice to see all of your blooms and the birds and those snails.
    Yes humbug describes them wonderfully well.

    Enjoy the remainder of March

    All the best Jan

  19. Hello, Prunella. Your spring blossoms are just lovely. Beautiful birds It is still very brown around here. I am looking forward to seeing the spring birds and wow the snails are cool. Lovely post and photos. Happy weekend to you!

  20. There is always something happening in a garden. Nice to see Prunella enjoying the season, the visitors and those gorgeous blooms.

  21. Lovely spring photos !!
    Happy Easter, dear friend !!


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