Monday, 22 August 2016

The Ploughing Begins...

After a tasty Sunday lunch what could be more relaxing than a stroll on the edge of Potters Down, a small village in Prunella's patch.
The local Farmer was sat in the cab of his tractor busy ploughing his field after the bountiful Harvest.
Prunella sat and watched as the Gulls followed the plough, a quintessentially English autumn scene...

As soon as the earth was turned over the gulls were there almost touching the machinery in order to be the first to spot the wriggly movements of any worms, beetles or grubs.
Wherever Prunella decided to potter, Ed the Red Kite was never far behind.
He'd been circling overhead looking to spot any small mammal that had lost it's cover. It wasn't long before Prunella spied him sat in the field, maybe he'd found himself a nice fat juicy worm to nibble on or perhaps he was scanning for his next snack...

Continuing on her afternoon stroll Prunella passed a small herd of cattle snoozing comfortably in the centre of their huge field. Overhead the skies were darkening and it didn't look very promising. Rain was forecast...

Not much further along the country track Prunella greeted her favourite friends, a flock of sheep.
On one side of the farm track were the youngsters with their soft fluffy woollen fleeces still intact...

Crossing to the other side of the track were the older sheep, they had recently been shorn. Prunella thought they looked very smart with their new haircuts and always found them to be an exceedingly friendly bunch...

 They were sad to see Prunella go and followed her to the very edge of their field...

It was beginning to rain so it was time to head back home. 
As Prunella had a final gaze over her shoulder at the bleating flock she caught sight of Ed sitting on a telephone pole gazing down at Prunella' friends below...

What was he up to she wondered as she now hurried off home. 

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  1. Since I am a creature person I love all of this today. The cows the Sheep they all made me smile and feel happy. It is really a fine specimen. Too funny on the birds following the tractor

  2. Hello, I love all the birds and animals. The sheep are adorable and I love the cows too. The Kite is a great sighting too. Wonderful post and collection of photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. Autumn is coming and the farmers are busy. Glowing golden fields become brown corduroy and gulls magically appear to feast on worms, beetles and grubs as they follow the plough. Thanks for letting us tag along on your walk, Prunella. I reckon those beautiful sheep took quite a shine to you; you got some wonderful photographs of them.

  4. The gulls are so beautiful! Loving your photos ♥

  5. Wow...great series of photos! What a lovely walk meeting so many beautiful animals and birds. Nice to see the Red Kite again!
    Thanks for sharing this...
    Enjoy your week!

  6. Prunella had a lovely Sunday afternoon stroll with lots to see along the way. The sheep were certainly very friendly. Clever Ed the Kite was taking advantage of what he could spot to eat in the field and he's a handsome creature. Have a good week all of you.

  7. Super post. I so enjoy your blog!! : )
    Ken and I helped a farmer from our church shear some sheep one time. Quite an experience.
    I don't see many white cattle here, there is just the one that I know of.
    Wonderful pictures.

  8. It was wonderful to join Prunella on this walk. Her photography makes me feel I am actually there. I hope the flooding I'm reading about in England won't spoil Prunella's adventures.

  9. So nice to see all of your new friends, Prunella! They all look very happy living their lives in your beautiful neighborhood. Ed the Kite looks very fierce, but handsome. Love the sheep faces :) xx Karen

  10. Wonderful photos, Prunella!
    I too love the sheep faces. They all look like having a different personality... and why wouldn't they?
    The views are beautiful and calming, even though the flock of gulls was probably terribly noisy. :)
    Have a lovely week! xx

  11. Oh Prunella what a lovely post to look at and read...

    Yes, it is such a wonderful autumn scene... the tractor and gulls.
    But then so nice to see the sheep too and of course dear Ed.

    I hope you are having a lovely week and managing to stay cool.

    All the best Jan

  12. Thank you, Prunella for the lovely stroll with you. The gulls are so dangerously close the the machine. They are having a great feast. The sheep are so cute and they really wanted your company!

  13. Many wonderful photos. I love the adorable sheep and the gulls who seem to be dancing with joy.

  14. Great series of images. Like the variety.

  15. Great photos and a lovely description of you walk around the farm. Very cute sheep - especially that dark one!

  16. Hello, A most enjoyable tale of Prunellas walk, and pictures of her friends. I never see white cows in our fields, or so many sheep. Delightful closeups of them, and of the Hawk waiting for a snack. Oh, and I almost forgot about the seagulls who seem to be living dangerously, hovering so close to the tractor,..well, the best of luck to them, I hope they found some tasty worms.:)

  17. Lovely photos from your garden.
    Thank you for visit my blog :)

  18. Loved the images of the red kite.and the gulls, They are a common sight here as well.

  19. What a great wander with lovely sights to see.

  20. the gulls look happy and the sheep are so pretty.

  21. the sheep are sweet. the kite is beautiful! and the gulls have a good system going. :) thanks for joining with good fences!

  22. My gosh there were a lot of gulls in that field. Loved the sheep/fences. They made me think of the moving, Babe.

  23. Classic set of farming shots - although the Kite would have been a real eye-opener for me when I lived in the UK!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  24. how is it those gulls survive getting so close to that machinery?? cute, adorable, cuddly sheep!!!


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