Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Little things to Smile about...

Prunella was overjoyed to see a self seeded Sunflower blooming in the late Summer sunshine.
Some cute little bird must have tossed it off the bird table probably knowing how pleased Prunella would be.
Yellow is such a happy colour... much so that she decided to paint this small nesting box yellow. 
The flower decoration is from a broken can opener...

 Amphibians bring a smile to Prunella's face. 
She has her very own private army of Frogs that patrol her garden searching out the horrid slugs and snails that lurk in her flower beds
This little fellow hopped out of Prunella's fuchsia whilst she was watering her pots.
She lives in hope that one day her Frog Prince will come and sweep her off her little padded feet...

When she tried to kiss this little frog he couldn't jump over the fence quick enough!! 
He does look rather shy...

Prunella has been busy trying to photograph all the different species of Butterfly that have landed on her Buddleja this year.
  Monday she was treated to a visit from a Painted Lady, isn't she beautiful... 

That very same day a Virgin Balloon flew overhead. 
It brought back happy memories of Prunella's very own Virgin Balloon flight.
What fun it had been...

Up, up, up and away!


Until the next time, 
stay safe, happy and healthy. 
Hugs to all.


Thank you kindly for your visit and we dearly appreciate your comments. 
We hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.
Happy Blogging!


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  1. Hello, Prunella! You have many pretty things to smile about. The sunflowers make me smile too. I like the cute frog! The balloon ride must have been a fun time with great views. Wonderful post. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  2. I think Prunella has a lot to smile about ...

    The sunflower is gorgeous, yellow is a fantastic colour.
    Mr Frog looks quite charming - can a frog look charming?
    Those eight photo's of the butterfly are just lovely.

    Butterfly's seem to be in shorter supply this year, lets hope more have been spotted by all those taking part in this years butterfly count.

    Enjoy these last few days of August

    All the best Jan

  3. A sunflower to start and end a post is sure to bring a smile to the face of even the worst cynic.

  4. Lovely birdhouse and the butterflies are beautiful.
    The sunflower is so crisp and clear, what a fantastic picture!!
    I have LOTS of sunflowers that have come up all over the place in my yard. I put sunflowers in the bird feeders and they must plant them all over. : )

  5. Good morning Prunella!
    You are such a sunny person - your company is just right to start the new day. I love the young handsome & shy prince, so modest in his frog's disguise... No wonder the buddleia and butterflies make Prunella happy - it's so fun to watch them... Gorgeous photos!!!

    Wishing Prunella a happy start for September!♥

  6. Wonderful butterfly photos, Prunella!
    Frogs are perhaps not very pretty, but they are very cute. :)
    Thank you for sharing & Have a lovely day! xx

  7. Hello Prunella, Plenty of frogs and toads here, too. It can make mowing the grass quite tricky and time-consuming because I have to stop and carry them to safety.
    Butterflies on Buddleia are lovely but Prunella Pepperpot perching on a pretty sunflower is even better.x

  8. your photography skills are just plain wonderful. love the sunflower and great idea on the bird house. yellow is such a happy color... I did not know frogs eat snails. maybe that is why we have snails this year, more than usual. our frogs are gone.

  9. the opening sunflower is stunning!!!! how joyful to see those butterflies!!!

  10. Hello!:) A very happy post indeed,. I love the bird house and the clever use of the flower, the sunflower shots are lovely, especially the last one with Prunella, and I just love the beautiful Painted Lady images, and Prunella's friend the shy frog.

  11. Such a beautiful sunflower and the buttefly pics are stunning!
    I'm glad you have had cloudless blue skies for the end of August, so have we :)

    You have so many frogs ~ lovely, but which one is the Prince?
    Happy September for tomorow!

  12. My, what a stunning sunflower! This post was such a delight and I must say that sweet Prunella is surrounded by lots of beauty :)

    May your September be sweetly blessed! Hugs!

  13. Now I'm really jealous Prunella. Fancy you going up in that huge balloon, and without a saftey harness. Such a brave thing to do. Meanwhile, your photos of Painted Ladies are just wonderful and full marks for looking after your population of frogs.

  14. Hello Prunella, I do love when you take us into your beautiful garden to visit your flowers and guests! Sunflowers are so amazing - growing so big and tall from such a tiny seed. Your little birdhouse is so charming - I think that a very special bird family will find this just perfect. You are very brave for flying in a balloon.....they are so lovely when seen floating in the sky. Such a thrill! Your little 'prince charming' and painted lady are wonderful visitors. Wishing you a beautiful September. Hugs xo Karen

  15. Prunella, your sunflowers, butterflies and frogs bring a big smile to my face. It was sheer joy to see you sharing the sun with the sunflower.

  16. What a bright and a happy day for you! The sunflower giving you a bright smile. That is a cute frog and I think it is shy, trying to hide in one corner. Beautiful butterfly. Have a lovely day!

  17. I love it when sunflowers self seed, they seem to adjust their size where ever they land.
    It must have been a bit scary going up in that balloon....
    Beautiful butterfly shots!
    Enjoy your week!

  18. Sunflowers are beautiful and everyone there is happy :-) It's a beautiful sunflower and these have also photographed beautifully.

    Wonderful as you made this birdhouse, painted and decorated. Gorgeous butterflies I see and so beautiful color and fine details and on the wings.

    Nice that there is a balloon flew over and it reminded you of earlier memories of you.

    A hug

  19. Thats one adventurous redhead! I have some of those myself!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Just back in Melbourne!

  20. Love these! The butterfly shots are gorgeous ♥

  21. Smiles abound in this delightful post. Your images of the wee creatures are a true delight.

  22. Took another look, your butterflies are so beautiful!!

  23. I don't find the wrap pattern to be confusing at all. If you can read a pattern, knit and purl, you will be fine!!

  24. Prunella leads the most fun-filled life, doesn't air balloon rides, climbing tall Sunflowers....kissing frogs hoping to find her prince! Those photos of butterflies kissing the Buddleia flowers are A M A Z I N G !!

  25. Kalimera from Greece friend Pru. See you when I return to England.

  26. Good news Prunella. We managed to hire a hard top Jimmy this time. Better still,it's white and the latest model. Snap!

  27. Oh Prunella, a lovely series of pretty photos. I hope you don't mind if I invite you to link with my meme, Today's Flowers. It is still open and the address is:

    Thanks for considering:)

    1. Thank you Prunella, for linking with Today's Flowers. I am so appreciative of you doing that.


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