Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Darth Vader Imposter spotted in Prunella's Patch...

Prunella was merrily going about her business tending to her precious roses when all of a sudden she spotted a Solomons Seal Sawfly that looked like the villain Darth Vader on her rose Gentle Hermione...

Such a beautiful looking fly with discerning taste but sadly one that can devastate a rose bush with it's hungry little caterpillars in a matter of days.

Prunella loves roses and when she spotted this blue beauty at a local garden centre she just had to bring this little gem home.
"Blue For You"  
A floribunda bush rose which flowers all Summer and Autumn.
Griff has taken a shine to it too.
Such a shame Prunella cannot share it's very fragrant scent with her dear friends.

 Staying on the blue theme Prunella's rambling rose Veilchenblau is just beginning to bloom. Planted a few weeks ago to grow over her new arbour.

A blue sky is the perfect backdrop for Prunella's Rambling Rose Albertine...

This is its first year to flower and it has lived up to it's reputation of being very showy. Here it is again with Clematis The President growing through its rambling branches...

Another new addition to Prunella's Patch this year is a lightly scented small patio rose "Carefree Days". 
She wanted something bright and cheerful to give vibrant colour in her raised bed around her Victoria Plum tree. This one is supposed to flower throughout the Summer and Autumn. 
Unfortunately it has become the pastime of some unknown pest to bite off the flower buds and discard them on the soil around them!

What could be more carefree than sitting with loved ones enjoying a peaceful camping break away from it all. Drinking delicious, freshly brewed coffee, perfect with sweet pastries and watching the local wildlife from a comfortable camping chair.
Prunella was delighted to spot Sally Squirrel who popped out from her home in the Old Oak Tree to join them in a nibble or two...

Until the next time stay safe, happy and healthy.
Hugs to all.

Thank you kindly for your visit and we dearly appreciate your kind comments.
We hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it!
Happy Blogging!

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  1. Hello Prunella, your roses and blooms are gorgeous. I love the sweet furbaby and squirrel too. I hope you can control the insects from attacking your roses. Gorgeous flowers and images. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  2. Hi Prunella, you have really good taste in choosing roses! Such wonderful colors and no doubt you can make them bloom too. I hate insects and flies, even if they in your photos look so handsome... Your friend Sally Squirrel is sweet 💕 I have two squirrels without a name. This cannot continue, a double christening party must be arranged!
    I wish a great evening to you Prunella, as well to Sally and that cute little dog!

  3. Such beautiful roses and I love the combination of the Albertine Rose and the President clematis. The blue rose is gorgeous too and I love the picture of it with Griff the litle dog:)

  4. Oh my goodness, I needed to google that insect. (I don't think we have them here, fortunately.) It does look like Darth Vader!
    Your roses are stunning and you have taken lovely photos of them.
    Griff has become my favourite dog in the blog world. In the photo, he looks like a connoisseur of roses, happily posing next to his favourite rose.
    Thank you for the wonderful post! xx

    1. One year I had a whole bush eaten by tiny caterpillars so now I keep a close eye on them.. We have a smaller sawfly here also with a bright orange abdomen, seen a few of these so far this year Griff is my shadow and is great at getting a body part into the photos! Have a lovely evening Sara :)

    2. As to your fun comment today, I often think our green woodlands would be heaven on earth if there weren't the mosquitoes & co. (And they are many this year.) :D
      Have a lovely week ahead! Hugs!

  5. Oh my they are gorgeous. I love the pale pink rose.

  6. So amazing and beautiful roses; absolutely gorgeous! Lovely colors, nuances, textures of petals! And so sweet critters! Thank you for sharing them with us! Have a lovely day of thursday and a pleasant weekend, too!

  7. Blue roses and cloak & dagger flies - all scary in your rose patch :-)

    I have green fingers - and a green thumb at the minute: I go round squashing the greenfly off the rose buds and the leaf tips. Messy business, but better than filling my lungs with insecticide.

    When your cuttings are rooted, do you later graft them onto stock, to prevent the flowers from drooping?

    1. I'm new to taking cuttings Joanna and wouldn't be skilled enough to graft them. I must say that the ones I have grown, have developed a strong stem and the flowers don't droop but then they are kept in pots and hve been pruned well back. I do squish the greenfly too, yuk, and have used washing up liquid on them, super clean greenfly!
      Have a lovely week :)

  8. Prunella's garden is so beautiful, I hope Darth Vader didn't cause any damage. The floribunda bush rose is stunning, of course she had to bring one home.


  9. The roses are stunning and I love the cute squirrel.

  10. I've always had a thing for Darth Vader, you've got to love a bad boy...

  11. What stunning roses you have Prunella - all so beautiful in their own way! I would be worried about that sinister-looking fly, too. It is nice to have Mr. squirrel stop by for a chat, though. Take care, my friend. xo Karen

  12. Oh my, oh my, oh my....the roses took my breath away! Such beauty and perfection. I had to giggle about the fly {{smiles}}

    Have a delightful weekend, sweet Prunella :)

  13. I love the roses, but I especially love the squirrel pictures :)

  14. Just popping in to say hi. Miss your posts.

  15. Hello Prunella, your photos are absolutely gorgeous! You have a lovely blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)


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