Thursday, 7 April 2016

Beetles big and small...

Due to it being a beautiful Spring morning Prunella decided to have tea on the patio accompanied by her companions Phoebe Whippet and Griff Sheltie.

She'd just made herself comfortable and was about to enjoy her morning brew when out ran a beetle. It was obviously not a happy beetle as it felt exposed running across the flagstones.

 At times, when it felt threatened by Phoebe and Griff, it raised its long  abdomen high in the air as if to say stay away from me or else! It reminded Prunella of a scorpion.

 By the time Prunella had ran inside to collect her camera it had almost reached the lawn. Three snaps were all she could manage.
Phoebe tried not to make it feel frightened by covering her eyes...

She couldn't help the occasional peek as it dived for cover into the grass...

 Prunella thinks that it could have been an Imperial Rove Beetle (Staphylinus caesareus) but she is not sure. 
Any help with it's identification would be greatly appreciated.
 Late last year Prunella had bought a bug hotel in the hope that it may attract more insects into her garden and today she was happy to see one of the rooms occupied...

 Prunella likes all wildlife and even though she finds spiders scary she would never harm one.
On her side patio she loves watching Susie Spider spinning her intricate silk web...

A highlight of Prunella's last year was spotting Stanford Stag Beetle who had become tangled in Susie Spider's web and crash landed upside down onto Prunella's side patio.  
When she asked him what he was doing he said that he was on his way home for lunch and hadn't spotted the large web. 
I don't think Susie Spider was too happy when she spotted the damage to her delicate weaving. She rushed out of her hidey-hole to see what had happened but didn't dare mutter a word when she saw the size of  Stanford. Instead she went about her business of repairing the hole...


 Prunella rushed over to tell Stacey of Stanford's mishap earlier in the day.
Stacey was worried because it was unlike Stanford not to come home for lunch in the old wood store.
Prunella said that if she'd like to hop on board she would carry her round to where she last saw Stanford...

 Up she crawled and Prunella carefully carried her round to the side patio to show her where Stanford had crawled under the fence. 

Until the next time, 
stay safe, happy and healthy. 
Hugs to all.


Thank you kindly for your visit and we dearly appreciate your comments. 
We hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.
Happy Blogging!


  1. Oh my goodness, Prunella! You certainly have had some interesting visitors lately! Phoebe and Griff are beautiful, but the rest have me feeling a little creepy-crawly, especially Stanford, who looks like he could give a nasty pinch. I agree with your philosophy on 'live and let live' and do not harm any creatures either, no matter how disagreeable they may look :) Be careful out there, Prunella! xx Karen

  2. Prunella, I enjoyed your wildlife story on the beetles and your cute pups! I agree let the bugs live, they may have a good purpose for being there. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  3. I love creatures big and small!

  4. Well Prunella you had quite a day with the beetles. I enjoyed hearing about it.
    That is one big mug of coffee for you to drink. : )

  5. My, my, Prunella had quite the exciting day with the little critters :) And I laughed out loud at dear Phoebe! What a cutie :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend. Hugs!

  6. Hello Prunella, I just enjoyed this post and your beautiful dogs. Phoebe and Griff are sweeties. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  7. a cute story, lots of creepy little critters!! our yard explodes with spiders in the free decorations for halloween!! have a happy weekend!!!

  8. Prunella has wonderful critter friends and does great photography!

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  9. Some very cute critters and some... um... a little bit less cute. :)
    I know spiders are part of nature's method of controlling the number of different insects, but one of my summer highlights, some years ago, was when I rescued a bumblebee from a spider's web.
    Thank you for a fascinating post and have a lovely weekend! xx

  10. She's brave to get down there with that big beetle! heehee! Great photos of critters! Hugs, Diane

  11. I'm not that keen on bugs, so must applaud Prunella for seeing past what beetles look like and just lending a helping hand. Seriously, could you stay so calm with a beetle the size of your shoe crawling up your leg?! {{shivers}}


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