Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Visit to Mottisfont's Walled Garden...

Prunella and Francine both share a passion for roses. 
Since watching a garden documentary on English gardens it had been a wish of Francine's to visit the walled gardens of Mottisfont Abbey in Hampshire, a National Trust Property.

The roses are best in late June but much is dependent on the weather and Francine just missed the hight of their blooms by just over a week. 

Nevertheless, it was still spectacular and the scents divine.    

Mottisfont holds the National Collection of Heritage Roses.
For the medieval canons, roses were sacred symbols.

In the 1970s, Graham Stuart Thomas saved rare and beautiful blooms from extinction and created Mottisfont's magical garden. 
He chose old roses and underplanted them with stunning herbaceous perennials to bring scent and colour from Spring to Autumn.

The Abbey itself is lovingly restored inside and out by The National Trust.

Maud Russell, a former owner of Mottisfont, was a lover of art and The National Trust has continued her passion with a serious of changing art exhibitions throughout the year.

We will leave you today with an image of
The Angel of Mottisfont featuring Maud Russell's face. A breathtakingly beautiful mosaic by Boris Anrep.

After all, everyone needs that special someone to watch over them...


Thank you kindly for your visit and we hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.
Happy Blogging! 


  1. Great little blog, and told so well. That last photo looks familiar

  2. Thank you, Prunella and Francine, for this divine post!
    *sigh!* I can admire this kind of views only in documentary films, blog posts of my blogging friends, and in my dreams. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I have fallen in love with Prunella Pepperpot, she was a very good tour guide! Enjoyed my visit!

  4. What a beautiful place to visit. I'd love walking around there.

  5. Wonderful heart and soul in this story. Mottisfont Abbey is such a striking distinctive building, I bet its equally impressive inside.

  6. A stunning NT property with amazing gardens and you did manage to capture so many lovely blooms!

  7. A lovely post, I've just been reading a couple and have enjoyed them a lot.


    1. I also meant to say how lovely the gardens are, even if a week past their best. Who would know apart from the gardeners :)

  8. What beautiful gardens you have shared with us today, Francine and Prunella! The Abbey is such a special place and so fortunate that it has been restored and shared with all lovers of history, art and beauty. xx Karen

  9. Thank you for the tour around the walled garden dear friends. The old-fashioned roses are lovely and the mosaic angel has a sweet face just like yours, Prunella.

  10. What a great place on the planet you are showing us here.
    I have visited several gardens (National Trust) It is such a joy to see and smell their well kept gardens. (I have also been to Chartwell.)

  11. Your photos are simply divine, my friend. I could gaze at those beautiful roses for hours! Thank you for the lovely tour and thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  12. Dear Prunella Pepperpot....I love your name and your cute blog.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us.
    Your friend....Shirley

  13. Splendid edifice and beautiful flowers, and a great experience for Prunella.


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