Thursday, 4 February 2016

Birdhouses and Bulbs...

Prunella has found the weather rather dismal recently with lots of high winds and heavy downpours.

On days like these she likes to cosy up indoors in front of a roaring fire with her fluffy companion, Griff.
He's sooo fluffy!

Today was brighter. 
Still windy though, so Prunella had to be careful that she wasn't blown away.

A quick ride in the Jumping Jimny to the local garden centre where Prunella was in search of a new birdhouse.
Prunella saw the little hearts cut into the front of this birdhouse and knew that if she had fallen in love with it instantly, then the little birds in her garden would love it too...

Though they may have a fright if Prunella decides to keep it as her new home! 
Perish the thought!

For days when it's far too miserable to leave the comfort of indoors
 a friendly looking cactus to brighten up the windowsill 
and remind Prunella of fun camping holidays.
She just couldn't resist bringing this little character home too...

Looking around outside today, there were welcome signs of the garden springing back into life.
Snowdrops and crocuses...


It is still far too cold for bees,
 but this little one was happily buzzing around collecting large amounts of pollen. 
Hope she makes it home before the temperature drops...

Time to check on the new wren house that Prunella put up last week...

 Prunella loves wrens 
and hopes they will  set up home in the little basket.

Until the next time.
Have a beautiful week...


Thank you kindly for your visit and we hope you had as much fun reading Prunella's Blog as we had writing it.
Happy Blogging! 



  1. Oh, Prunella, what a beautiful post! Griff is so handsome, the birdhouses are very pretty, and the flower shots are wonderful.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Good choice of birdhouse and the wren basket is perfect, Prunella. I'm sure your birdy friends will love them. Griff looks like a good, snuggly companion. Hope you have a sunny weekend.

  3. Prunella looks like she is enjoying life. What a happy smile she has. : )

  4. Hello again!
    Good you noticed my "preliminary" reply concerning the yarn and have already visited the website. The yarns do have lovely colours. "7 Veljestä Raita" is my favourite, it's the one for making striped socks.
    Happy knitting/crocheting! :)

  5. Well Prunella I would that pretty bird house in my garden, not so sure about our birds. Last we put up a pretty one they completely ignored it, not a taker, I even put up a vacant sign. Love the snowdrops ,such a pretty little Spring flower. Thanks for popping over to leave me a kind message.


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